Security for Serverless

Automated, real-time web application protection from threats against today’s evolving serverless applications

Build Secure.
Ship Fast.
Run Anywhere.

Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for cloud builders, delivers advanced proprietary detection and protection for modern applications and APIs built on container, serverless, and other computing platforms. It’s designed for speedy deployment, with minimal impact on development streams and performance, so now you can build your business application microservices projects with security in mind.

Serverless security made simple

Trend Micro Cloud One™ services platform includes the following services for serverless security

Build more.
Worry less.

Before serverless, a flexible architecture was difficult to configure, and scaling capacity up and down became inefficient. Developers were distant from the infrastructure they had to build on, making it increasingly difficult to write productive and dynamic code.

With serverless, you no longer need to worry about the complexities of the infrastructure. Now developers can focus on what they do best – writing great code and building secure applications.

Reduce lead time.

Serverless computing aids in reducing the complexity of your application by simplifying the deployment model and preventing wasted cycles in production. This improves lead time, and the time servicing technical debt, promoting an environment focused on delivering key business outcomes.

Scale and save.

Companies spend a lot of money on DevOps projects in order to scale and maintain infrastructure. Organizations are often forced to increase capacity to prepare for spikes in activity, causing you to overpay because of the high amount of idle capacity. But serverless computing allows for efficient scalability. Now, you only pay for what you use consume – spending less on business unit budgets.

Cloud-native security that:

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Secures serverless functions

Protect applications built on serverless and event driven platforms, securing your business and customers’ data.

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Stops malicious attacks

Prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in your applications caused by coding oversights and weaknesses in dependencies.

Provide Visibility icon

Provides visibility into attacks

Whenever your web application is exposed to a malicious attack, the agent identifies the attacker, determines the type of attack, and blocks it.

Application protection on the most popular platforms

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