Secures its growing number of customer data centers with TippingPoint


DataBank is a leading provider of enterprise-class data centers, cloud solutions, and managed services, specializing in security and compliance enablement. The company’s clients span a broad range of industries, from banks and ecommerce companies to healthcare and government organizations. Founded in 2005 in Dallas, Texas, DataBank currently serves customers from mid-range enterprises up to Fortune 10 companies, with 20 data centers in eight markets. Since 2017, DataBank has acquired several new data center facilities, accelerating the company’s national expansion strategy.


To meet the needs of it's growing customer base, DataBank began offering a hybrid cloud solution. Although this gave the company the opportunity to better serve its clients, it also introduced new challenges. The growing use of public and private clouds meant that the company’s customers needed to manage increasingly varied workloads and address new security and compliance requirements. DataBank sought a security solution that would help it eliminate this complexity for its customers while supporting its mission to provide flexible, highly secure solutions and maximum uptime. “The more we do to enable preventative security while eliminating complexity, the greater the value we can deliver to our customers,” said Vlad Friedman, DataBank’s chief technology officer.

Because DataBank plans to offer hosting for Amazon Web Services™ (AWS), Microsoft™ Azure™, and Google Cloud™ environments, the company needed a solution that would support each of those environments. Additionally, the company wanted to develop a multitenancy option to tailor its offerings for its customers—a capability that no security vendor offered at the time.

"Trend Micro was willing to do a proof of concept in the middle of a firefight. That speaks volumes to the confidence the Trend Micro team had in the efficacy of the platform."

Vlad Friedman
Chief Technology Officer, DataBank

Why Trend Micro

Friedman was already a big fan of Trend Micro when he came onboard at DataBank. His company, which provided mission-critical application hosting, had discovered a zero-day software vulnerability that was being probed by attackers. At the time, Friedman was looking for a security vendor and he discussed the attack with a Trend Micro representative.

The next day, a Trend Micro team arrived to investigate. Leveraging Trend Micro™ TippingPoint™ Threat Protection System and its geolocation capabilities, the team located the origin of the attack and the malicious payload, using TippingPoint to block it in real time. A few days later, Friedman learned that the same attacker breached tens of thousands of servers at other companies with similar vulnerabilities. “Thanks to Trend Micro, our infrastructure was one of the few unaffected safe havens on the internet,” said Friedman. “Trend Micro was willing to do a proof of concept in the middle of a firefight. That speaks volumes to the confidence the Trend Micro team had in the efficacy of the platform.”

Today, DataBank deploys TippingPoint as part of a multilayered defense in every market, and the solution is a key element of the company’s secure colocation and cloud solutions.


DataBank uses TippingPoint to detect and block targeted attacks and malware through preemptive threat protection, threat insight and prioritization, and real-time enforcement and remediation. TippingPoint applies a combination of technologies, including deep packet inspection, threat reputation, URL reputation, and advanced malware analysis to detect and prevent attacks on the network. “We are pleased with Trend Micro at the perimeter due to its ability to inspect traffic in real time without sacrificing performance,” said Friedman.

DataBank also appreciates TippingPoint’s robust reporting capabilities. The company built a platform in its portal to aggregate TippingPoint data across all of its customers, giving customers a multitenancy view with all of that data live in the portal. “We can tell an individual customer that this month, we’ve stopped x number of attacks for you across your infrastructure,” said Friedman. “We believe that level of transparency and granularity is unique, and we’re using it to demonstrate the value of our solution to customers.”

"With TippingPoint, we’ve been able to block over 15 million attacks in just one market on a busy day."

Vlad Friedman
Chief Technology Officer, DataBank


Security and compliance are DataBank’s key differentiators, and TippingPoint is part of the company’s default solutions across its offerings. TippingPoint helps DataBank reduce complexity for its customers around compliance, security, and the cloud, and the product delivers the security its customers need. “With TippingPoint, we’ve been able to block over 15 million attacks in just one market on a busy day,” said Friedman. “And the built-in IP reputation filtering has been transformational to preventing an attack for known bad actors.”

What's Next?

As DataBank continues to grow, Friedman said the company is considering adding Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ or Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Inspector to its portfolio. “We are looking to get deeper into endpoint security to better protect our customers’ perimeter workloads,” said Friedman. “Trend Micro will be a key part of that strategy.”