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Application Security

Detection and protection for modern applications and APIs built on your container, serverless, and other computing platforms

Application Security

Build secure applications

Protect applications built on dedicated servers, VMs, containers, cloud workloads, and serverless platforms. Minimise design and deployment risks and remove the security maintenance burden by protecting against sophisticated insider hacks. 


Experience faster results

Deploy security as code into applications in just 2 minutes without setting up additional code changes or rules. Our simpler, more modern approach to securing your web applications prevents vulnerabilities from being exploited in the first place.


Improve developer productivity

Spend more time delighting your customers with a great application and less time on tedious maintenance caused by coding oversights and weaknesses in dependencies. Deliver a better customer experience, knowing your data and applications are secure.


Unprecedented protection

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Develop confidently

Application Security delivers an embedded security framework for web and containerised apps, including Kubernetes and serverless functions. Unlike signature-based tools, it protects against vulnerabilities, server-side data exfiltration, and application-level attacks. Deployed across most architecture and network topology, it detects and prevents hacks while identifying vulnerabilities.

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Discover with ease

Prioritise remediation, protection, and anti-malware scanning with insights into attacks and malicious user behavior. Gain visibility with detailed diagnostics about exploits, attack source, type, and vulnerabilities. Application Security protects against a wide range of runtime attacks, SQL injections, remote command execution illegal file access, malicious file uploads, and more.

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Take advantage of full analysis

Application Security pinpoints web application vulnerabilities down to the line of code. Unlike traditional static and dynamic scanners, it reports only exploitable vulnerabilities, reducing waste and friction. Get analysis on every request made to decide when protective measures are necessary. All protection happens directly inside the application, removing frustrating latency.

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Protect quickly

Time is of the essence for web application security. Upgrading application frameworks and patching vulnerabilities take time. Application Security prevents vulnerability exploitation with virtually no impact on performance. It collects data and offers information on attackers, vulnerabilities, and exploit attempts so you're empowered to stop attacks before they begin.

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Simple deployment

Our technology offers complete detection and protection on every request without impacting application performance.

  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Quick 2-minute installation
  • Minimal onboarding
  • No changes to web application code
  • Optimised for fully autonomous operation

Comprehensive language and framework support

Application Security is the only fully automated, cloud runtime protection solution for Python that does not require changes to the web application code.

Market-leading performance

Gartner Innovation Insight for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms, August 2,021

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Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Discover the projected cost savings and business benefits of Trend Cloud One, our security services platform, which includes File Storage Security and more.

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Application Security

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