Cloud-Native Application Development

Complete visibility and control of your applications' security at every stage of their lifecycle

Satisfy both security and development objectives

The endless benefits of cloud-native application development come with a major risk – lack of security and fragmented tooling. Modern development practices and technologies (CI/CD, containers, serverless, etc.) require an integrated approach with CNAPP capabilities delivering connected protection throughout your application’s lifecycle and assurance that your cloud services meet security best practices while letting developers develop. Sounds overwhelming? We can help.

Cloud-native application security made simple

Trend Cloud One™, the most trusted cloud security platform for developers, security teams, and businesses, includes the following services for cloud-native application development

Specialised protection – from commit to runtime

Cloud-native application protection for your containers, applications, and hosts, with thoughtful security controls to protect against vulnerabilities, secrets, malware, and compliance violations across your continuous delivery pipeline through to production.


Network security: intrusion detection system/intrusion prevention system (IDS/IPS) and firewall

System security: application control, enhanced file integrity monitoring, and log inspection

Malware prevention machine learning, behavioral analysis, ransomware protection, and web reputation

Security automation: includes webhooks and a documented comprehensive suite of APIs for runtime protection

Application Protection: automate security as code for immediate protection against OWASP Top 10 and other threats to applications at runtime on servers, containers, serverless platforms, and APIs


Command console and dashboard visibility of your deployed containers, event logs, and notifications for security and compliance requirements

Advanced protection for your Kubernetes and Docker® platforms

Optimised inspection of all container traffic, including north-south and east-west traffic between containers

Build pipeline security: container image and registry scanning for malware, secrets and keys, content and compliance validations, and extensive vulnerabilities, including those in open source dependencies, through Trend Micro’s integration with Snyk

Prioritise risk remediation by combining comprehensive scans of your CI/CD pipeline and cloud configuration with runtime visibility.


All running containers share the same kernel, making it critical to have protection against vulnerabilities and attacks on the host layer


Storage protection: scan any file type for malware and obfuscated or polymorphic variants, and integrate security into your custom workflows with broad cloud storage platform support

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The Maturation of
Cloud-native Security

ESG Senior Analyst Doug Cahill outlines the best approach for securing modern applications and infrastructure.

The Maturation of Cloud-native Security

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