Get Help with GDPR

Solve the top 5 key challenges around GDPR

Noncompliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) carries steep fines and reputational loss. Address key GDPR requirements by leveraging Trend Micro’s state-of-the-art cybersecurity platform. With our advanced capabilities, you can implement a multilayered strategy that helps ensure data privacy and compliance.

Data Loss

Prevent personal data loss


Users present a major risk for personal data loss through – among other scenarios – accidental loss or theft of an unencrypted laptop, mobile device, or a flash drive, unintentional data leaks via personal email or use of non-corporate communication systems, or deliberate theft of intellectual property.


Identify and protect personal data with integrated data loss protection (DLP) and endpoint encryption

Protect employees

Protect your employees


Employees can fall victim to identity theft and ransomware through phishing and social engineering attacks, web exploits, infected flash drives, as well as device, application, and OS vulnerabilities. They also face the risk of a drive-by download, fileless attacks, browser/ plug-in exploits, and focused attacks, like Business Email Compromise (BEC).


Block malicious emails, leveraging advanced techniques, like behavioral analysis and writing style DNA with AI to “blueprint” a user’s style of writing to decipher to block BEC

Protect user devices from known and unknown threats (e.g., ransomware) with advanced techniques – artificial intelligence, behavioral analysis, and more

Shield web browsing activities

Block network exploits and detect potential breaches

Deploy advanced XDR capabilities to detect and respond to threats faster and more efficiently

Corporate Infrastructure

Protect your corporate infrastructure


Your corporate IT infrastructure hosts a diverse range of devices, servers, applications, and databases, each a potential breach target.

Protecting personal data across the IT infrastructure requires OS hardening, changing default credentials, leveraging secured access to any IT resource, and the layering of multiple security techniques that block unauthorised access.


Secure your server and container workloads and cloud-native applications – including serverless – across the data centre and multi-cloud environments

Ensure the security posture and optimal configuring of your cloud deployments

Check for vulnerabilities from open source software in cloud applications to identify and remediate risks

Shield your on-premises infrastructure from known and undisclosed vulnerabilities

Take advantage of XDR (cross-layer detection and response) for central visibility across all layers with built-in risk visibility

Cloud data

Protect your cloud data


IaaS solutions provide a secure infrastructure for workloads, but the security of hosted applications and any personal data processed or stored in the cloud is your responsibility.

By leveraging the built-in cloud and SaaS configuration capabilities with additional security controls, you can protect workloads and data in the cloud.


Automate your server and container workload protection across multi-cloud deployments

Secure your cloud-stored files from threats

Protect your Microsoft 365 and other SaaS environments from ransomware and phishing


Detect and respond to threats


The GDPR requires that data breaches be reported to an appropriate supervisory authority. But today’s sophisticated malware uses multiple evasion techniques, and once it has penetrated an enterprise, its dwell time may be weeks, if not months, before it’s discovered.

Closing this breach detection gape requires close monitoring with state-of-the-art tools to identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) and correlate seemingly disparate actions to uncover any potential breach.


Deploy XDR (cross-layer detection and response) capabilities to quickly detect and respond to threats and report breaches in a timely manner

Identify suspicious activities that may lead to data loss risk with Network Breach Detection System

Privacy and personal data collection disclosure

Find out what data is collected through our products and determine the settings that best work for you.