Global Citizenship

We  empower our employees to do good in the world

Making a difference
around the world

Whether it’s building houses in the Philippines, providing $1M USD for Japan earthquake relief, working with local parent-teacher organizations in the United States, or providing Safe Surfing e-posters to 100 schools in Belgium, at Trend Micro we encourage our employees to share their time, expertise, and good will.

We also encourage our employees to give as generously as they can to their communities knowing that we will match their efforts every step of the way.

In 2008, we began setting aside 1% of the previous year's post-GAAP profit to fund our Global Citizenship programs, and today, one quarter of all Trenders participate in Give and Match programs supporting community efforts from Texas, to Ottawa, to Cambodia.

Lynette Owens

Internet safety for
kids and families

We recognize that using the internet is an important life skill, not just a hobby or entertainment. The internet knows no boundaries, making it critical for parents and teachers to understand and enforce safe, responsible use of technology among kids, wherever they connect.

Fighting cybercrime

Cybercrime has become more severe in recent years, causing security vendors and law enforcement agencies to create strong partnerships, and to team up to help put an end to it.

Helping communities and philanthropy programs

Helping communities 
and philanthropy programs

We have several programs specifically designed to help the communities we live in – from the Home Building program in the Philippines, to the ability to run a Give and Match program in times of need or disaster.

Education and help
for schools

From elementary through to college, we have several initiatives to help schools by providing much needed education, resources, and equipment.

Helping communities and philanthropy programs