Trend Micro and Snyk Collaborate to Solve
Open Source
Development Risks

Co-developed solution bridges the gap between devops and security operations teams

Implement security early in your application development

Trend Micro, the leader in cloud security, and Snyk, the leader in developer-first security for open-source, have partnered to help ensure that the software you deploy is protected from exploits.

We are relentlessly focused on arming you with the insight and protection you need in the ever-shifting cyber threat landscape. The robust set of vulnerability rules within Trend Micro’s container security is futher strengthened by the addition of the Snyk open-source vulnerability database, which comprises comprehensive open-source vulnerability data.

Learn what vulnerabilities are currently in your container images

According to Gartner Research

90% of technologists rely on open-source components. 1

Addressing the risk.

Trend Micro’s container security provides best-in-class container image scanning for detecting security concerns, including malware, secrets and keys, compliance violations, and vulnerabilities, from one solution.

Developer teams have vulnerability detection not only of package manager installed apps, but of direct installed apps as well, with rule feeds from our world-class threat intelligence team.

Open-source software dependencies can lead to vulnerabilities in your code, ultimately exposing software to exploitation that can result in the loss of confidential information. With Synk’s open-source vulnerability database, Trend Micro’s container security shifts security even further left by extending vulnerability detection to include open source.

How it works.

Trend Micro’s container security delivers a complete security approach to build pipeline image and registry protection with malware, vulnerability, content, and compliance scanners. Trend Micro’s container security scans container images in the software build pipeline, looking for vulnerabilities, malware, secrets and keys, and compliance violations.

Combining vulnerability intelligence with Snyk’s open-source vulnerability database builds an inventory of the open-source libraries that are in use in a container image, and if a vulnerability is discovered in a package, then the system automatically cross-references it with Snyk’s open-source vulnerability database to see if there is a match.

Trend Micro’s container security notifies DevOps teams and the Snyk Application Security Management then enables developers to easily fix their source-code vulnerabilities.

With these sophisticated capabilities, paired with implementing security earlier in the development process, you no longer have to delay the deployment of your containers because of unforseen threats.

About Snyk

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Snyk is a developer-first security solution that helps you use open-source code and stay secure. Building on its unique vulnerability database, Snyk continuously finds and fixes known vulnerabilities and license violations in open-source dependencies. Snyk integrates into the developer workflow, integrating with source control (e.g. GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab), hooking into your CI/CD pipelines and continuously monitoring platform as a service (PaaS) and serverless apps in production.

300K+ developers are already enjoying Snyk

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*Trend Micro’s container security offers integration with Snyk and includes both Deep Security Smart Check - Container Image Security and Trend Micro Cloud One - Container Security.