PortalProtect Suite for Microsoft SharePoint

A dedicated layer of protection for confident collaboration


Many organizations use Microsoft SharePoint to connect with employees, partners, and customers for real-time collaboration. SharePoint capabilities enable businesses to move beyond simple content repositories, helping employees build team sites, create intranet and extranet portals, utilize wikis and blogs, and create social communities.

These dynamic collaboration environments help improve your productivity, but they also increase your security risks, especially when opened to external parties.

Trend Micro PortalProtect secures your collaborations with a dedicated layer of protection that guards against malware, malicious links, and other threats that SharePoint administrators are often unaware of. Its web reputation technology blocks malicious links from entering your web portals, while its powerful content filtering scans both files and web components of SharePoint.

PortalProtect goes above and beyond standard antivirus protection by delivering scalable strong web threat protection and data loss prevention (DLP).


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Protection Point

  • SharePoint server

Threat Protection

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Web Threat Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Content Filtering

Key Features

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Antivirus and Anti-Spyware

  • Blocks infected files from entering SharePoint
  • Protects data from corruption and theft
  • Stops high-risk files based on “true file type”
  • Prevents threats from spreading among users

Integrated Data Loss Prevention

  • Incorporates DLP technology with preset policies to prevent data loss and compliance violations
  • Searches SharePoint databases to discover sensitive data or block threats in real time
  • Enables granular policies based on Microsoft Active Directory or SharePoint users, groups, and sites

Advanced Content Filtering

  • Prevents posting of inappropriate content to forums, blogs, and social sites
  • Includes pre-built and customizable dictionaries for profanity and different types of harassment

Web Reputation Technology

  • Blocks web links to malicious or compromised websites
  • Provides immediate protection using up-to-the-minute threat intelligence

Cloud and Virtualization Ready

  • Reduces costs by deploying on Microsoft Azure™ or Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Supports Azure Agent Extension, PowerShell script, to streamline provisioning of security for SharePoint workloads in the cloud

Low Administration

  • Requires half the administration time required by competitive solutions
  • Strong group configuration and management with centralized logging and reporting
  • Central quarantine management across servers
  • Role-based access control with single sign-on
  • Integrates with strategic Microsoft tools, including Digital Dashboard, Web Parts, and DRM

Enterprise Scalability

  • Used by the largest corporations in the world with hundreds of thousands of users
  • Optimized with agentless database inspection
  • Smart Protection Server technology uses 10x less memory on the SharePoint web server
  • Supports SharePoint Shredded Storage and Remote Microsoft Azure™ Blob Storage for both real-time and scheduled scans

Key Benefits

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  • Provides dedicated protection for SharePoint users and data
  • Stops the wide range of malicious files and URLs
  • Filters inappropriate content and compliance data in both files and web parts
  • Takes half the time to manage
  • Scales to any deployment size

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