Ping Us

Secures customers with managed services built on Trend Micro toolkit


PingUs is a service company that supplies complete IT solutions to partners across Europe. The firm plans, implements, and operates professional security infrastructures for its customers that are geared towards individual requirements. If necessary, PingUs acts as a supplement or replacement to the internal IT department, manages IT security, and assists in digital transformation to the cloud. The company’s full portfolio of managed services allows businesses to benefit from a comprehensive security strategy without having to invest in expensive infrastructures or a SOC.


Digital transformation, accelerated by the sudden shift to a remote workforce, has changed the way organizations function. Threat actors have become stealthier, leading to an increase in ransomware attacks. As the digital attack surface continues to expand. At the same time, many small- and medium-sized businesses’ IT teams are dangerously understaffed, whether it be from the staff shortages or budget constraints. This leads to major exposure within their cybersecurity ecosystem, including unpatched vulnerabilities or cybersecurity solutions that remain outdated or in need of critical updates. PingUs needed to evolve their cybersecurity tools to help their customers better manage risk with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute protection.

"The threat of cyberattacks continues to increase. Trend Micro Managed XDR offers a solution approach that enables us to implement professional security structures."

-	Caroline Kiel

Caroline Kiel
Managing Director and CEO at PingUs

Why Trend Micro?

PingUs needed to provide customers with a robust cybersecurity solution that can be smoothly integrated into their existing systems to protect themselves against a variety of cyber threats. The company chose Trend based on their extended detection and response (XDR) technology’s ability to uncover incidents earlier with correlated detections and built-in threat intelligence. Based on PingUs’ proof of concept (POC), they found that Trend Micro™ XDR provides:

  • The prevention and detection of attack scenes
  • Comprehensive protection against ransomware attacks across multiple vendors, including endpoint, email, network, cloud workloads, and servers
  • Practice-oriented protection of the customer’s IT environment
  • 24/7 support for internal IT teams to reduce the burden and time to identify and respond to threats


By delivering complete managed cybersecurity services, PingUs has built up a large customer base over the years. Based on Trend Micro XDR technology, customers can choose between Trend Micro Managed XDR or Trend Micro Worry-Free with CoManaged XDR, as well as PingUs Extended Security Services.

Managed XDR enables PingUs to assist customers with easy-to-implement security structures to match their needs, with an option to expand upon them modularly. As a managed service provider, PingUs takes over the first-level support, meaning that the customer is relieved from day-to-day operational tasks.

Worry-Free with Co-Managed XDR includes specialized security analysts so PingUs can offer customers an easy-to-administer managed detection and response service. Trend monitors XDR solution alerts, evaluates them, and provides recommendations for remediation, allowing PingUs to quickly and directly communicate with customers and support them in their implementation.

“The threat of cyberattacks continues to increase. Trend Micro Managed XDR offers a solution approach that enables us to implement professional security structures,” says Caroline Kiel, Managing Director and CEO at PingUs.

On request, Worry-Free customers also receive an extended security service, which would allow PingUs to take over complete support of the customer security processes. “The Trend Micro Worry-Free with Co-Managed XDR software is so stable that customers can only claim our support in individual cases and our team can concentrate on its role as a consultant,” says Kiel.

"Our partnership is designed for long-term cooperation. This applies to our customer relationships as well as to our partners. Trend Micro shares these values."

Caroline Kiel
Managing Director and CEO at PingUs


Partnering with Trend eliminated PingUs’ reliance on siloed point products that complicate attack surface risk management and often produce an overwhelming number of false positives. The central visibility provided by the Trend unified cybersecurity platform accelerates investigation and response. A unified cybersecurity platform with broad third-party integrations provides a single telemetry of truth, enabling security teams to rapidly investigate and respond to the most critical threats and mitigate risk. “By combining our managed services with Trend Micro’s forwardlooking security technologies, we can sustainably protect our customers’ data and IT infrastructure,” says Kiel.

What's Next

PingUs has become the first company in German-speaking Europe to receive Trend’s “Professional Services Partner” status. This has given PingUs the support needed to serve customers of all sizes across Europe, including large enterprises. “As a small company, we are justifiably repeatedly asked how we can manage a 24/7 SOC service,” says Kiel. “We openly communicate that we are working together with our strong partner, Trend Micro.