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Defence in depth

Powerful, integrated cloud network layer security allows you to inspect ingress and egress traffic.

Going beyond traditional intrusion prevention system (IPS) capabilities, it includes virtual patching and post-compromise detection and disruption as part of a powerful hybrid cloud security platform.


Broad security without disruption

Simple, flexible deployment options allow you to rapidly protect your network where you need it, without disrupting your business applications or processes.


Accelerated compliance

Backed by Trend Micro Research, our advanced threat intelligence is integrated with our solutions to provide enterprise-grade, active network protection – allowing you to gain centralised visibility and control, and to meet compliance requirements quickly.


Protect cloud-native servers and processes with network layer security

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Protect against all phases of the attack lifecycle

  • Network Security’s active blocking quickly notifies you of attacks. Actively block threats, detect and disrupt infiltrations, and stop homeward communication.
  • Network Security detects and prevents attacks using advanced threat intelligence and protocol analysis, anomaly detection, indicators of compromise blocking, and signature-based methods.
  • Deploy enterprise-grade network layer security for complete virtual private clouds (VPC) protection. Secure your infrastructure and network segments without impeding traffic or business operations.

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Other Cloud One services

Network Security is part of Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for cloud builders, which includes:

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