False Detection and
Re-Classify Requests


NOTE: This procedure is for non-Trend Micro customers only. If you are a Trend Micro customer, please contact support for help.

If you feel Trend Micro has incorrectly identified a file, IP address, or URL as being malicious, please provide us with more information so we can assess the concern.

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5 steps

The detection re-evaluation/re-classification process consists of:

  • Request for Detection Re-evaluation Review (DRR)
  • Trend Micro review of current classification
  • Trend Micro request for additional information
  • DRR recommendation and
  • Trend Micro action on DRR recommendation

Requests receive prompt, thorough, and fair consideration.

For files you believe are incorrectly classified, compress the file using ZIP or RAR format; maximum limit 12MB. Please password-protect the compressed file and list the password within the "Details about the problem" field below.

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