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Founded in 2010, Semantix has been developing technologies and solutions for data management and intelligence, with projects that include big data, cloud, IoT (the internet of things), and quantum computing. With a presence across South America, Semantix has partnered with the best and most innovative companies in the IT sector.

Leading the digital expansion is Enio Moraes, DPO and CISO of Semantix. With more than 10 years in the IT field working in project management, information security (IS), and privacy management, Moraes joined Semantix to help defend and expand the company’s large databases using artificial intelligence (AI).

We are already at a very good level of IS and data management, but these are areas where we cannot rest. We must always be improving and increasing.

Enio Moraes

Enio Moraes

DPO and CISO, Semantix

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  • Strengthens security posture by providing continuous defence, compliance, and governance
  • Help fulfill shared responsibility model by manage misconfigurations of cloud resources
  • Automatically finds, prioritises, and reports vulnerabilities and license risks in open-source dependencies


Semantix required greater visibility into their cloud operations and a better method to build and defend applications. With the increasing volume and complexity of operations, these silos led to vulnerabilities and potential security breaches; a critical concern for a data-focused company, especially in the GDPR era.

This led Moraes and his team to search the market for a solution that would bring visibility and actionable intelligence without impacting Semantix’s high performance or harming the dynamics of business operations. “We are already at a very good level of IS and data management, but these are areas where we cannot rest. We must always be improving and increasing”, says Moraes.


After a meeting with Trend Micro experts, Moraes and his team chose Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity and Trend Micro – Open Source Security by Snyk.  This provided Semantix with a greater clarity to their operations within the cloud—including important data on client location and availability zones—making it possible to design a better cloud strategy for their services and operations.

In addition, Moraes was provided with the ability to prioritise alerts, alleviating alert overload that could hamper his team’s responsiveness to the most critical threats.


Trend Micro solutions provided immediate results that benefitted day-to-day operations, both in terms of security and risk reduction in the cloud as well as overall cost savings. In addition, Semantix improved operation in its code, guaranteeing a safe development of its applications, both in projects and in products.


With the help of Trend Micro, Semantix now has a 24/7 operations centre with a team of more than 30 people. Through Trend Micro’s portfolio, Semantix has bots simulating and performing various tests on all operations and cloud accounts. This means that, when configuration inconsistencies arise or suspicious elements are identified, the team receives an alert and can act proactively and instantly.


Due to his positive partnership with Trend Micro, Moraes sees a potential to integrate products used by the Semantix Data Platform with Trend Micro’s 30+ years of security intelligence. “For the future of this partnership, we increasingly need to leverage our product with AI, IS, and code improvement”, says Moraes.

With an increasingly digital and connected future ahead, Semantix is forecasting that their solutions will gain even more relevance and will look to Trend Micro to guarantee safe and consistent operations.

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