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Infrastructure Gets Real-Time, Integrated Protection


Mitra Adiperkasa (MAP) is a leading lifestyle retailer in Indonesia with a diversified portfolio that includes sports, fashion, department stores, kids, food & beverage, and lifestyle products. It has recently introduced an IT team to build IT infrastructure that is able to provide faster, reliable support required to manage corporate business presence with a network of over 2,000 retail stores and over 22,000 employees in 69 cities across the nation.

We were confident with Trend Micro’s reputation and expertise of providing us with integrated, real-time, enterprise-scale security solutions.

Suwandi Budiratma

Senior General Manager, Head of IT Infrastructure at Mitra Adiperkasa.

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Asia Pacific, Indonesia

IT Environment

Hardware (HP, NetApp, Cisco)
Operating Systems (Windows Server, SuSe Linux Enterprise, Centos)
Business Applications (SAP)


  • The integrated, real-time multi-layer protections that result in a secured virtualised infrastructure, without compromising performance


Serving as central source of business data and information support, IT is at the heart of the company’s business priority, and with continually growing business that demands the rapid establishment of new stores throughout the nation, the use of business-critical applications also increased, needing even faster provision of new IT resources.

The IT department realised that the increased reliance on physical servers and increasing number of applications would result in a higher cost. The use of a physical infrastructure could not meet the need for speedy delivery, causing vulnerable downtime and longer time to recover. Without applied SLAs, managing the expectation of IT services to end-users was hard.

In 2012 MAP’s IT decided to modernise their IT infrastructure and operations, and later in 2013, they migrated to the public cloud, deploying around 100 VMs to support their workloads, along with around 150 VMs in the corporate data centres. In 2015, the migration to virtualised servers was completed.

Apart from the rigid infrastructure prior the IT modernisation, MAP’s previous security was standalone, posing a serious challenge when performing antivirus updates and new rules configuration. With thousands of endpoints deployed both in the head office and stores, IT was vulnerable to any attacks, like zero-days, and unknown threats.

“The ever-growing threats, like today’s ransomware, was worrying us. With around 8,000 workstations installed across the stores, they were vulnerable to virus attacks that propagated offline and online at our connected IT infrastructure. In addition to continuously raising security awareness with our end-users, we also needed to take serious proactive security measures by implementing a flexible, customisable, easy-tomanage security solution, that provided comprehensive protection, from email, VDIs, to endpoints, and provided wide insight into our data centres,” said Suwandi Budiratma, Senior General Manager, Head of IT Infrastructure at Mitra Adiperkasa.


MAP’s IT department was required to assess, identify, and modify their overall security posture to ensure that the implementation of the security solutions at the endpoints were appropriate and relevant with those at the central IT, and consistent with dynamic business applications and requirements.  They searched for an enterprise-class security solution that would integrate seamlessly with its existing infrastructure, was easy to configure, and scaled to meet current and future protection needs.

Budiratma said, “We were confident with Trend Micro’s reputation and expertise of providing us with integrated, real-time, enterprise-scale security solutions.”


“From new extortion schemes and connected system and device threats, to sophisticated cybercrime legislation, the stakes were high with the growing threat landscape at that time. We needed a security solution that could not only prevent, detect, analyse, and respond to any form of sophisticated attacks, but also have the ability to communicate and integrate effectively, and was manageable from a single pane of glass. We considered Trend Micro because we believe that integration is at the heart of Trend Micro’s multi-layer security offerings,” said Budiratma.

In 2012, to provide proactive security measures and to protect today’s fast-growing business critical data and information traffic within the company, MAP’s IT began the proof of concept and continued with the implementation of Trend Micro’s comprehensive solutions, consisting of the Enterprise Security Suite, together with Deep Discovery™ Inspector, Endpoint Security Solutions, and TippingPoint™ Advanced Threat Protection, into their virtualised infrastructure.


Today, MAP’s IT achieves a new level of in-line, real-time protection with a proactive network security in place. It protects infrastructure and traffic of critical data, applications, data centres, and cloud, added with automated system remediation; all without compromising performance.

“Any breaches can now be detected and prevented before gaining foothold on our system. We now have needed visibility to monitor our resources, from endpoints at our remote stores, emails, network ports, to data centres and protocols at our head office, from our desk,” said Budiratma. “The effectiveness of our new security posture was proven when WannaCry ransomware emerged and struck across the globe, taking out servers at companies and shutting down many businesses. We did not have any incidents related to that, thanks to Trend Micro’s security solutions.”


With the mission to become a world-class brand and omni-channel retail network, and the growing momentum of their online shopping mall business, MAP’s IT is looking to add additional protection that will keep them ahead of increasingly sophisticated attackers.

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