Gains greater visibility, detection, and response with Trend Vision One XDR capabilities


Staying ahead of the technology curve is crucial for IT service providers. Compugen understands this firsthand. With more than 3,000 customers in North America and an ongoing mission to simplify the business of technology through extraordinary customer service and support, Compugen knew they had to migrate data to the cloud to maintain their market position. The Canadian IT provider chose Trend Micro as their security partner to secure their digital transformation journey and protect their customers in the future. Compugen already had a strong relationship with Trend, as their security solutions had provided the company with the confidence to grow with their customers.

We now have greater visibility, detection, and response. We know our data is safe and if something happens, we have the forensics to determine what happened and recover fast.

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Bryan Joyce

Senior Manager of Cybersecurity, Compugen

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  • Supports secure digital transformation and growth into the cloud
  • Reduces false alarms
  • Improves email threat detection
  • Enables improved security across endpoints


As technology started to advance and cloud solutions began to proliferate, the company began exploring viable digital transformation options, focusing on migrating applications and services from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. From a security perspective, this meant upgrading their solutions, reducing reliance on virtual private networks (VPNs), and moving toward a zero trust security model. As the company evolved, Bryan Joyce, Compugen’s senior manager of cybersecurity, required solutions that could ensure advanced security protection for the company and their clients.

Joyce needed a solution that would evolve as the company grew. He knew that Compugen needed a security partner whose solutions and services he could confidently recommend to their hundreds of IT service customers, now and well into the future.


A Trend Micro Platinum Partner and customer for more than 12 years, Compugen has been successfully selling Trend Micro solutions to their customers for many years. When the company prepared to upgrade their security solutions as part of their digital transformation plan, Joyce weighed whether to stick with Trend or select another provider. His positive experiences with his current vendor helped secure his decision.

“For us, staying with Trend Micro would make for an easy migration to a much more secure tool as opposed to selecting a new provider,” acknowledges Joyce. “I also knew Trend Micro solutions would provide us with the security value we need.”

Joyce credits price and ease of use as deciding factors towards this conclusion. “It wasn’t a lot of additional costs to migrate to Trend Micro Apex One™ as a Service. We also liked the simplicity of the Trend Vision One™ interface. It allowed us to dive in and start seeing value quickly without needing a lot of configuration or a great deal of expertise in the tool.”

Trend’s customer service was another key differentiator. No matter what issues arose, Trend experts always stressed their dedication towards assisting Compugen. “Trend Micro employees drop everything to support us. Over the years, Trend Micro has always been there for us when we needed them,” says Joyce


Compugen upgraded from Trend Micro Apex One on-premises to Trend Micro Apex One™ as a Service, including advanced XDR capabilities with Trend Vision One™. Joyce describes the digital migration experience as being “straightforward”. “The ease of integration and the simplicity of the upgrade were the highlights, and the speed at which we were able to complete the migration was critical. Compugen now has the full XDR deployment—endpoint, email, cloud, and network.”

Compugen also shifted from Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ software to Trend Cloud One™ – Workload Security. “The Trend Cloud One platform’s many protection capabilities have allowed us to automatically secure new and existing workloads against threats. We now have greater visibility, detection, and response. We know our data is safe and if something happens, we have the forensics to determine what happened and recover fast,” says Joyce.


Since integrating Trend Vision One™ into their security stack, Joyce’s team has received fewer false alarms. “It’s not a noisy console, so when we do get an alert, we know it’s something that should be investigated. If there is something unusual going on within our network, on our endpoints, or servers, Trend Vision One™ generates an alert with a risk score and collects all the relevant data surrounding the event so it can be investigated quickly,” says Joyce.

Trend Vision One™ has provided him with the ability to quickly and easily perform email forensics himself, providing instant visibility into his organisation’s environment. “If we get a suspicious email, I can quickly go online to see who else received that email, where it came from, and how much of a threat it is,” says Joyce. “I can find who received it and instantly pull it out of their mailbox. Previously that would take a call to the systems administrator and at least a few hours for them to get back to me. Now, I can take action on my own and get answers in a couple of minutes.”


With the help of Trend Micro solutions and services, Joyce plans to continue their digital transformation journey by focusing on zero trust security and access control. This gives Compugen the confidence needed to grow while keeping customers fully protected.

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