Mission and culture

Do work that matters


Join our history of innovation

Since 1988 Trend Micro has been a cybersecurity pioneer tackling an expanding malware landscape.

Always innovating, we are focused on securing your connected world by artfully applying our XGen™ security strategy to our customisable and scalable solutions that have dramatically influenced trends in the security industry. And if you ask Trenders why they work here, they’ll tell you it’s the feeling that comes from working with a group of people who share common goals, are driven by a similar passion, and value the expertise of their peers. 

Core values  

Our core values define who we want to be, are integrated into everything we do, and are deeply rooted in our heritage and culture. These values are so important to us that we regularly review them to ensure they continue to support our mission. Known informally as 3CiT, they are:


Have a passion for customer-centric solutions

Make sure we truly benefit our customers


See change as an opportunity

Be the change leader


Recognise collective intelligence is the only way to see the whole picture

Be ecosystem friendly


Dare to fail

Create new social values


No ego. Be authentic, sincere, consistent.

The people behind the passion

We drive our growth by innovation

We encourage risk-taking and our management style dares you to fail; we trust in the individual’s integrity and sense of ownership; we value team collaboration; and we emphasise “how to grow” more than just growth itself.

Eva Chen
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder