ICS/OT Security

Situational awareness across OT, IT, and CT

Unified platform for OT with IT and CT
Ensures enhanced prevention and detection, as well as the resilience of critical operations, with global, purpose-built OT, CT(5G), IT, and extended detection and response (XDR) security solutions and professional services. 

Risk and threat visibility
By sending data to a security platform, our interconnected solutions give you complete visibility with risk insights, detect and investigate threats faster, and respond better across the entire environment.

Legacy and modern systems protection
Protect programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), robots, legacy and modern OSes, edge devices, hybrid cloud environments, industrial networks, and private 5G networks.

Use Cases

Protect your infrastructure with an integrated approach


To keep pace with today's digital transformation, protecting factory environments – from traditional devices to state-of-the-art infrastructures – is crucial.

Electric utility

As electric utilities are digitalising operations, they face increased cyberattacks. Authorities have tightened regulations, requiring enhanced security controls, incident response for the entire environment, and prompt incident reports.

Oil & Gas

In 2021, a ransomware attack disrupted a major US pipeline, revealing the need for enhanced security, visibility, and reporting controls.


Ransomware attacks have increased in the healthcare sector over the past few years, and presented threat to PHI, hospital operation and patients. It requires consistent security in heterogeneous environment.

Protection for key operational areas

Unravel the complexity – no matter the environment

Defend your IT/OT perimeter

Establish a boundary of defence between the corporate network and the factory base, or between the office and the field area



Preventing malware infection on servers in the internal DMZ

All-in-one hybrid cloud protection without compromising performance

Preventing vulnerability attacks from the IT to the OT environment

Inline deployment between IT and OT networks prevents vulnerability attacks at wire speed

Protect your OT Assets

Protect industrial endpoints that are difficult to patch or install security software on



Securing legacy devices/OSes without impacting system performance

Protects legacy devices by system lockdown or application control

Protecting software-installation prohibited devices or recovering infected devices

Provides malware scanning and cleanup on the device without software installation

Preventing critical assets from vulnerability attacks without impacting system availability in the existing environment

Transparent network security for critical assets enables firewall, protocol filter, and IPS protects against vulnerabilities without changing logical network configuration

Secure your OT network

Network security adapted to the industrial protocol used in field networks



Segregating flat networks without impacting system availability in an existing environment

Transparent network security for the uplink port of existing L2 switches enables a firewall and protocol filter without changing logical network configurations

Building secure network segments by default

Ensures network segments by network address translation (NAT), firewall, protocol filter, and IPS functions

Low visibility and identification of IT/OT network protocols on a shop floor

Deep packet inspection improves situational awareness by inline deployment or passive monitoring

Anomaly behaviors in level-3 to level-5 networks

Detect anomaly behaviors by connecting them with a mirror port of network switches

Ensure secure offline operations

Secure removable media and brought-in devices during maintenance



Malware infection via USB storages brought into the OT environment

Trend Micro Apex One, an all-in-one endpoint security, ensures USBs brought by third-party engineers into the factory are safe to use

Trend Micro Portable Security™ 3 Pro Edition, a secure transporter, offers 64GB of secure USB storage for repeat use in a shop floor by scanning and encrypting all files stored

Ensuring cyber hygiene of outside laptops and machines brought into the OT environment

Scan devices before they are brought into the OT environment without installing software

Protect IIoT devices, cloud and networks

Secure the use of new technologies – industrial clouds, private 5G, IoT sensors, and more



Protecting modern devices/OSes without impacting system performance

Protects modern devices via ICS purpose-built next generation malware prevention software

Resolving cloud environment misconfigurations

Monitors, improves, and remediates automatically the security and compliance posture of your cloud environment 

Open source software (OSS) vulnerabilities of in-house applications

Uncovers open source vulnerabilities and prioritises them in your source code repository

Preventing threat intrusions from IoT gateways on a shop floor

Transparent network security for the IoT gateway that prevents unauthorised access and vulnerability attacks

Preventing unauthorised access, malware infection, and spread in private 5G networks

Prevents illegitimate device attachment and vulnerability attacks and recognises malicious content and suspicious network behaviors at the data network

Empower your SOC / CSIRT

Streamline response with integrated monitoring of your entire environment



Alert fatigue caused by disconnected point solutions

Collects and correlates deep activity data across multiple vectors, enabling security teams to detect faster, investigate more thoroughly, and respond more efficiently

Why Trend Micro

Keep operations running with minimal TCO through support at all phases - prevention, detection, and response - over a long period of time.

IT-, OT-, and CT-integrated threat intelligence and solutions

Reduce monitoring complexity and operating costs, empowering your CISO and security operation teams. Fueled by vulnerabilities research from Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative, future threats predictions by Trend Micro Research, and ICS/OT expertise brought by TXOne Networks, our solutions bring more precise and early detection and response.

Single vendor, global support

Using multiple vendors' products is not efficient – it creates complexity and requires a lot of time to evaluate products, create SOP, and establish a support scheme.

Deploy a single solution, utilise single SOP worldwide, and respond quickly and smoothly to incidents, ensuring stable operations and minimal TCO.


As a trusted company with 30+ years of experience, Trend has the strong financial base, the sustainable high profitability, and the robust cybersecurity offering required to protect customers in private and public sectors.

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