Proven security for your VMware
virtual data centre    

Virtualization security solutions specifically architected for VMware

Since 2008, Trend Micro has been strategically partnered with VMware to help transform and secure the modern data centre. Today, we offer multiple powerful and flexible security capabilities, all optimised to protect VMware deployments across data centres, private and public clouds, and hybrid deployments. 

We work with VMware to secure the software-defined data centre, hybrid cloud environments, and to manage security as a part of operations. 

Trend Micro wins 2017 VMware Global Partner Innovation Award

We are proud to announce our second Global VMware Partner Innovation Award in the Technical ISV category as presented at the 2018 VMware Partner Leadership Summit. This significant honor and achievement was complementary to VMware presenting the “Japan Partner Award” for the seventh year in a row to Trend Micro. 

The 2017 VMware awards continue to highlight the strength of our decade-long partnership with VMware and our commitment to market leading security technology and customer success. 

Software-defined data centre

  • Securing vSphere deployments: Hypervisor-level integration with vSphere, taking virtualization security to a new level with easier deployment and increased performance. The efficiency and automation that this approach delivers enables joint customers to easily secure virtualised systems with multiple security controls.
  • Securing virtualised networks through NSX: Including both guest and network introspection, our support for NSX enables joint customers to continue to realise the efficiency of hypervisor-based security while enhancing deployment and automation with NSX, including supporting the micro-segmentation use case.
  • Securing Horizon VDI deployments: Integration with Horizon VDI helps to reduce exposure, protect from inter-VM attacks, and thwart the propagation of malware like ransomware. Our proven integration approach avoids resource contention on VMs and eliminates blind spots that result as virtual desktops are deployed, reverted, paused, and restarted.

Hybrid cloud environments

We deliver consistent security across the hybrid cloud, supporting organizations as they adopt public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft® Azure™ and IBM SoftLayer. Our deep integration with VMware technologies combined with optimised cloud security enables organizations to confidently extend their VMware data centres to the public cloud.

Manage security as part of operations

  • Automating VM discovery and security deployment on vSphere: Through deep integration with vCentre, our approach enables IT teams to query and monitor the security state of managed virtual machines. With full visibility, organizations can easily create and manage security policies, get alerts, and take preventive actions to protect the data centre.
  • Integrating security and operations together with vRealise Operations: Our unique integration with VMware vRealise Operations allows the operations team to see the security status and in the context of the overall health of the virtual data centre. This allows the correlation of system and security activities to rapidly address problems in the virtual data centre.

Partnering to deliver more value

Beyond deep technical integration, Trend Micro and VMware have also partnered to enable organizations to easily try out the joint solutions. Bundled solutions that include VMware and Trend Micro products with strategic partners (VCE, Cisco, IBM, Dell, HPE and more) are available to maximise value. These joint packages simplify the purchase and deployment of a combined offering, including support services to ensure a successful experience.