Cyber Threat Surge: Trend Micro Blocks 160 billion Incidents in 2023

Ransomware detections fall 14% as alternative attack strategies evolve

[Hong Kong, March 12, 2024] Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704) a global cybersecurity leader, today revealed a 10% annual increase in total threats blocked in 2023 and warned that attackers are using more advanced methods to target fewer victims with the potential for higher financial gains.

To read a copy of the report, Calibrating Expansion: Annual Cybersecurity Threat Report, please visit:

Jon Clay, VP of threat intelligence at Trend: "We're blocking more threats than ever before for our customers. But understand that adversaries showed a variety and sophistication of TTPs in their attacks, especially in defense evasion. As our report demonstrates, network defenders must continue to proactively manage risk across the entire attack surface today. Understanding the strategies favored by our adversaries is the foundation of effective defense."

Trend Micro blocked 161 billion threats overall in 2023, compared to 82 billion threats five years ago. In 2023, threats blocked by email and web reputation dropped annually by 47% and 2%, respectively. Threats blocked by Trend's Mobile Application Reputation Service (-2%), Smart Home Network (-12%), and Internet of Things Reputation Service (-64%) also declined. However, there was a 35% annual increase in threats blocked under Trend's File Reputation Service (FRS).

This could indicate that threat actors are choosing their targets more carefully. Instead of launching attacks on a wider range of users and relying on victims clicking on malicious links in websites and emails, they're targeting a smaller number of higher-profile victims with more sophisticated attacks. This might enable them to bypass early detection layers like network and email filters—which could explain the surge in malicious file detections at endpoints.

Some other trends observed in the report include:

In light of these findings, Trend advises network defenders to:



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