Trend Micro Debuts Security Solution for Deployment in Growing IoT and IoV Ecosystems

[Hong Kong, October 13, 2016] Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in security software and solutions, today announced the debut of a new information security protection software development kit at Microsoft IoT Expo in Taipei. The kit was created in partnership with Microsoft to address the need for enhanced security amidst rapid expansion of integration in the global Internet of Things (IoT), and specifically the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). The comprehensive solution, which was designed with the unique characteristics of IoT in mind, will help enterprises safeguard connected devices and services against cloud, network and endpoint threats.

The IoV is one of the most prominent areas of emerging connected technology, and in an effort to protect this growing industry, Trend Micro’s new security software development kit will provide two key features – the ability to proactively detect threats and conduct risk assessment, as well as endpoint level protection that activates system security when devices are under attack. Upon deployment, the kit automatically connects to the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, using machine learning technology to monitor abnormal conditions. The kit's highly efficient core and multi-layered solution is capable of extensive support for various IoT platforms, providing the best real-time protection.

According to estimates by Gartner1, the global production value of IoT will surpass 300 billion by 2020. While enterprise IT and business decision makers have high expectations for advancements in this rapidly growing industry, many also have substantial concerns about safety and privacy in the IoT landscape, according to a 2016 IDC survey2.

“Despite growing excitement about the possibilities of IoT, information security in the industry is still lagging, particularly for connected device endpoints—making them especially vulnerable to attacks," said Jerry Liao, chief architect of IoT security for Trend Micro. “There is a huge need for improved IoV security, and this new kit demonstrates Trend Micro’s dedication to protecting its customers, as well as our proactive—not reactive—approach to security."

According to a recent Trend Micro report3, 50 percent of surveyed corporations, government agencies and related organizations said the frequency at which their connected devices are under attack is on the rise, yet only 10 percent feel confident in their ability to confront those attacks, and nearly 80 percent agreed that cyber threats are becoming increasingly accurate and sophisticated.

“It is evident that information security vulnerabilities associated with IoT have become a looming concern," said Liao. “As IoT is applied in more sectors, including the automotive industry, the significance of information security cannot be overlooked. It is imperative that security measures be implemented during development to safeguard IoT environments from malicious threat actors and ensure real-world safety and security."

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2 International Data Corporation (IDC) press release (September 21, 2016)
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