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Helping customers build and operate mission-critical systems on the AWS cloud platform is a passion for the cloud engineers at CloudHesive, an Amazon Premier Partner and Amazon Managed Services Partner. With more than 200 AWS certifications and 25 AWS competencies, programs, and validations, almost every employee has some kind of AWS certification— and the highly-trained CloudHesive technical team has launched more than 600 customers to the cloud.

The CloudHesive team knows that a key part of success in the cloud is security. That’s why the company, a Level 1 Managed Security Services partner, chose Trend Micro to secure both their customers’ infrastructure and its own environment. “We became a Trend partner very soon after our company was created,” says Anthony Palmer, managed services technical lead at CloudHesive. “Trend has a tight partnership with AWS, and so do we. That’s why we selected Trend as a partner so early.”

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  • Accelerates AWS cloud deployment for hundreds of customers
  • Secures AWS workloads on the cloud and helps customers stay ahead of evolving threats
  • Improves and simplifies the audit process, freeing up the security team’s time


“As a managed services provider with hundreds of customers in the cloud, CloudHesive is keenly aware of the security challenges our customers face,” says Palmer. “Our customers depend on us to stay up to date with the current threat actors and keep their environments secure. We work hard to develop that trust with our customers. We need to know that our environments have the best protection in place and that we’re staying current with open zero days and vulnerabilities—that we’re one step ahead of the threat actors. Which also means we must ensure that our own infrastructure is secure.”

We pride ourselves on being customer obsessed and Trend shares that same goal. I think that’s phenomenal.


Kathy Lijoi

Chief Operating Officer, CloudHesive


“There’s not really a ‘before Trend’ for CloudHesive because we were born in the cloud, and Trend was one of the first partners we onboarded,” says Palmer. CloudHesive began using Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ Software on-premises shortly after the company was founded, moving to Trend Micro™ Workload Security as soon as it became available. “The CloudHesive security team especially appreciates how Trend continuously innovates to stay ahead of new threats and vulnerabilities.”

“We’ve always been impressed with how easy Trend solutions have been to deploy, as well as the tight integration with AWS workloads. Thanks to that close integration, our customers can spin up a new AWS account and the automation is in place to protect it quickly—that’s the real strength of working with Trend as a platform security provider,” says Palmer.

Our customers can spin up a new AWS account and the automation is in place to protect it quickly—that’s the real strength of working with Trend as a platform security provider


Anthony Palmer

Managed Services Technical Lead, CloudHesive


When Workload Security was released, CloudHesive migrated its on-premises solution to the cloud-based SaaS offering. Since that time, Palmer and his team have expanded their Trend portfolio to include more innovative solutions, such as Trend Vision One™.

“We just started using Trend Vision One™ – XDR for Cloud internally on our hosted AWS environment, and it’s a nice tool on top of the endpoint security. Now we’re starting to use more and more of the products,” says Palmer. “The upgrade to the SaaS offering in particular has made my team very happy. Deployment is easy, and ultimately it accelerates our business. It’s a really quick onboarding process.”


Palmer and his team highly value the Trend comprehensive, integrated security solutions and unmatched customer support—for the company and for their customers. “Once we onboard a customer, the faster we can get them up and running, the better. With Trend security solutions, we can deploy quickly,” says Palmer.

“Ease of use once it’s deployed is also key,” adds CloudHesive Chief Operating Officer Kathy Lijoi. “Anthony doesn’t have to train every single person in the operations department to utilize Trend solutions.”

Palmer agrees that Trend solutions have made his team’s lives easier. “We’ve used Trend to pass our PCI and SOC 2 audits, for ourselves and for our customers,” says Palmer. “Thanks to Trend, it’s been easier for us to provide evidence to our auditors. For the PCI audit, it was Trend who provided a lot of the examples. And when we’re collecting evidence for the SOC 2 auditors, we go to the Trend console very frequently.”


CloudHesive has recently started supporting more end-user devices, and its security team has been using Trend cloud security to help them protect those environments. “We’re turning on a lot more modules than we have previously,” says Palmer.

The company is also considering how to extend the Trend benefits they’re enjoying internally to their customers. “We really believe in utilizing the tools that we ask our customers to use,” says Lijoi. “At CloudHesive, we use Trend products ourselves. We pride ourselves on being customer obsessed, and Trend shares that same goal. I think that’s phenomenal.”

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