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Identify threats quickly, mitigate breaches, and respond to security threats across your hybrid cloud environment


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Securing a dispersed cloud environment

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Complex hybrid cloud environments

Business transformation doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time. During the transition, you’ll have a mix of technologies that can be complex for teams to secure as risks are uncovered.

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Too many tools create silos

Point products create visibility silos across your hybrid cloud environment. Security gaps can result from these silos, and teams lose valuable time investigating critical alerts and incidents.

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Continuous cloud compliance

Compliance audits and cloud governance are daunting tasks. Not only are there more servers, data, workloads, and applications, but they’re also constantly in flux. Ensuring compliance with frameworks such as NIST and PCI requires security tools built to manage the unique characteristics of hybrid cloud environments.

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Secure your continuously evolving cloud environment

Trend Vision One™ – Cloud Security protects your data no matter your environment, from cloud-native to hybrid, on-prem, multi-cloud, and containers

Hybrid focus

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Apply modern security tooling to any hybrid workload, whether on-prem or in the cloud. 

Multi-cloud complexity

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Provide consistent security policy, risk assessment, and security controls regardless of where workloads are running—AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), multi-cloud, or on-premises.

Measuring risk​

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Identify blind spots, manage the cloud attack surface, and improve security posture​​.

Incident handling​

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Ensure SOC visibility, easy prioritization, and contextual awareness of cloud attacks​.


All your Cloud Security in one place

Cloud Protection

On-demand and runtime protection for hybrid cloud. Discover and block vulnerabilities and malware across all workloads: servers, containers, pipelines, IAC storage, virtual private cloud, and databases

Attack Surface Risk Management

Take charge of your cyber risk with cloud-focused internal and external attack surface discovery, real-time assessments, risk prioritization, and remediation. 

XDR for Cloud

Trend Vision One – XDR for Cloud extends detection and response to customer cloud accounts by examining user, service, and resource log activity for suspicious behavior and providing remediation and response actions.

Market-leading performance

Winner in the Best Integrated Security Platform Category

Ranked #1 in IDC’s Worldwide Cloud Workload Security Market Shares report

Trend Cloud Security rated 5/5 in AWS Marketplace

Achieved 100% protection rate

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