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Ransomware Protection Brief

What is ransomware?

Ransomware locks your computer or encrypts your files, holding them ransom until you pay a fee to the cybercriminals who hold them hostage.

How does
ransomware work?

If you visit a compromised website or click on a spammed email that contains ransomware, it can attack the data on your computer or mobile device. Ransom prices can reach $830 or more (typically in bitcoins). Ransomware is on the rise as Trend Micro has blocked over 100 million threats since October 2015i. And Android mobile ransomware threats have grown 15 times higher than they were in April 2015ii.

How do I prevent

The best defence is a good offence. Block ransomware from entering your computer with Trend Micro™ Maximum Security. Industry experts recently recognised it as blocking 100% of ransomware threatsiii as well as offering 100% effective protection against web threats.iv.

Prevent ransomware

Best practices

Avoid opening unverified emails or clicking on their embedded links, which can start the ransomware installation process.

Back up your important files using the 3-2-1 rule: create three backup copies on two different media, with one of the backups in a separate location.

Regularly update software, programs, and applications, to ensure your apps are current, with the latest protections against new vulnerabilities.

I think I may be a victim

If you suspect you have ransomware on your PC computer, Trend Micro can help:


If your computer is locked,
download the renowned Trend Micro™ Anti-ransomware tool, rated one of the best by TechWorld.

Trend Micro Security

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iTrend Labs, April 2016: 99% of ransomware found in malicious emails or weblinks.
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