Protecting End of Support Systems

End of support doesn’t have to mean end of security

Don’t leave your mission-critical applications exposed

The end of support for leading enterprise platforms such as Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows Server 2003 can introduce major challenges for organisations running mission-critical applications.

Continuing to use platforms and applications that have reached end of support leaves organisations exposed to new vulnerabilities, malware threats, and data breaches.

Trend Micro Deep Security, powered by XGen, deploys a blend of cross-generational threat defence techniques to protect your organisation against attacks focused on exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities, minimising business disruptions and stopping the loss of sensitive enterprise data. 

Shield vulnerabilities before exploits hit

Deep Security uses host-based intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS) to shield vulnerabilities in out-of-support systems before they can be exploited.

With our approach to securing end of support servers and applications, we can virtually patch vulnerable systems, stopping attacks seeking to take advantage of the fact that no more patches will be delivered.

Stay protected until you can migrate

If you're just not ready to migrate before end of support, you can protect environments such as Windows Server 2003 with the network and system security capabilities that Deep Security offers.

Deep Security delivers a comprehensive set of security controls that can be used to protect platforms that are at end-of-life, enabling organisations to plan and execute a transition that makes sense to the business. 

Protecting Windows Server 2003

Many organisations need time to migrate, leaving themselves exposed to new vulnerabilities, malware threats like ransomware and data breaches. 

Webinar: What happens when your Windows Server 2003 systems are vulnerable

Paul Henry, Senior Instructor, SANS Institute
Steve Neville, Solutions Marketing Manager, Trend Micro