Trend Micro Unleashes Vision One Platform with Next-Gen XDR and AI Capabilities

Groundbreaking platform revolutionises cyber resilience with early detection and rapid response

SYDNEY, June 16, 2023 Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704)a global leader in cybersecurity, has unveiled the next generation of cybersecurity platform, setting a new standard for strengthening security posture and threat defence. The new Trend Vision OneTM platform release marks a significant leap forward in enterprise cybersecurity, encompassing robust attack surface risk management, cross-layer protection across hybrid environments, and next generation XDR, now amplified by powerful generative AI technology.

Unparalleled XDR delivering the broadest coverage across security layers and superior support for hybrid IT environments

The platform’s advanced Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities include the broadest set of native security sensors to deliver the most comprehensive and cross-domain threat protection, By consolidating data across internal and third-party sources, utilising advanced AI and machine learning analytics, and correlated detection models, the platform brings the next generation of XDR to market.

“Trend offers us full security coverage as the first vendor on the market offering extended detection and response (XDR) across email, network, server, cloud, and IoT,” said Matthieu Vanoost, Security Manager, Decathlon. “Trend proved itself to be a strategic partner that could meet Decathlon’s needs. “Centralisation and automation are at the heart of Decathlon’s cybersecurity strategy, and this is why we partnered with Trend to ensure a streamlined security approach through our digital expansion.”

With unmatched visibility and insights into events, enterprises achieve more proactive defence, earlier detection, and faster incident response through capabilities including:


By consolidating data across internal and third-party sources and utilising advanced AI, machine learning analytics and correlated detection models, the platform brings the next generation of XDR to market defending against the full range of adversarial tactics and techniques, including extortion, DDoS, ransomware and more.

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Platform Supercharged by Generative AI

Trend brings transformative generative AI capabilities into its Trend Vision One platform, with the introduction of Trend Vision OneTM – Companion —an AI-powered cybersecurity assistant. Companion AI amplifies security operations, boosts productivity and efficiency, and accelerates threat detection, response, and cyber risk management for analysts of all skill levels. This marks the initial phase of a multi-quarter rollout of AI and LLM capabilities embedded within Trend Vision One.


Trend's generative AI and LLM capabilities prioritise security and compliance in line with the requirements of this emerging technology. Stringent measures are in place to ensure visibility into how each model handles corporate data. Furthermore, additional controls and isolation mechanisms are implemented to prevent the mixing of Trend's LLM with instances and training data from other vendors.

“Delivering on the promise of XDR requires replacing complexity with simplicity, replacing bundles of products with integrated platforms,” said Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC. “Trend’s approach offers tangible benefits for security professionals by tightly integrating its products through greater consolidation, resulting in increased productivity and effectiveness of security professionals. And its support for hybrid environments means that for those in the real world that still have on-premises IT environment as well as cloud deployments that they will realise the benefits of XDR whenever they are."

Proactive Attack Surface Risk Management (ASRM) Grounded in Zero Trust Principles

Trend Vision One empowers organisations to build resilient cyber programs and proactively manage risk, thwarting potential events and breaches with cutting-edge attack surface risk management. Leveraging continuous attack surface discovery and real-time risk assessment, businesses can swiftly identify and remediate critical risk, including vulnerabilities and exposures, based on likelihood and impact of attack.

The core components of Trend Vision One's Attack Surface Risk Management include:


With continuous internal and internet-facing asset discovery, real-time visibility, and assessment Trend Vision One accelerates the journey towards “never trust, always verify” zero trust architectures — a highly desired but challenging-to-implement security framework.

For the first time, organisations can now manage granular security controls, policy enforcement and policy decision points from a single platform to monitor, manage, and automatically execute dynamic data-driven security controls based on ASRM insights and integrated attack path management to reduce complexity and orchestrate least privilege access with little manual effort.

With a clear path toward operationalising zero trust, organisations can more effectively minimise their attack surface, slow attackers down, and protect against malicious and non-malicious insider threats, ensuring compliance and data protection.

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Empowering Partner Delivered Security Services

Trend’s partner ecosystem is an extremely important part of the global business strategy. This was underscored by CEO of Hitachi Systems, Anuj Gupta, who shared, “Hitachi Systems and Trend have a strong partnership and we are thrilled to be chosen to participate in their Partner Program for MSSPs,” said Anuj Gupta, CEO of Hitachi Systems. “Trend’s technology capabilities make it seamless to service our customers with their leading cybersecurity platform. We’re able to efficiently run our operations, improve security outcomes and deliver valuable security services. This is a big leap forward for managed security service providers like us to deliver modern security operations services.”

Trend Vision One positions Trend and its MSSP partners to provide the most powerful solution on the market, addressing critical industry needs including:


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