Australian Organisations Concerned Digital Attack Surface is Spiralling Out of Control

Trend Micro study reveals visibility and control gaps are undermining security

SYDNEY, June 07, 2022Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), the leader in cloud security, today announced the findings of a new global study indicating that Australian organisations are struggling to define and secure an expanding cyber-attack surface, hampering risk management efforts.

Trend Micro surveyed 6297 IT and business decision makers across 29 countries to compile the study. To read a full copy of the report, please visit:

The study revealed that 69% of Australian organisations are worried about their growing attack surface. Over a third (47%) said it is “constantly evolving and messy,” with less than half (41%) able to fully define its extent.

Over two-fifths (41%) of respondents went further, admitting the digital attack surface is “spiralling out of control.”

Visibility challenges appear to be the main reason organisations are struggling to manage and understand cyber risk in these environments.

Over half (55%) said they have blind spots that hamper security, with network environments cited as the most opaque. On average, respondents estimated having just 60% visibility of their attack surface.

These challenges are multiplied in global organisations. Two-thirds (64%) of respondents claimed that being an international enterprise that spans multiple jurisdictions makes managing the attack surface harder.

Yet 20% are still mapping their systems manually and 23% do so regionally—which can create further silos and visibility gaps.

“IT modernisation over the past two years was a necessary response to the ravages of the pandemic, but in many cases it unwittingly expanded the digital attack surface, giving threat actors more opportunities to compromise key assets,” said Mick McCluney, Technical Director at Trend Micro. “A unified, platform-based approach is the best way to minimise visibility gaps, enhance risk assessments and improve protection across these complex, distributed IT environments.”

The study also revealed that almost half (48%) of Australian organisations don’t believe their method of assessing risk exposure is sophisticated enough. This is borne out in other findings:


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