Trend Micro Launches its First Cloud One Data Centre in Australia

The rollout enables enterprises to securely adopt a SaaS-based security framework

SYDNEY, September 21, 2021 – Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), the global leader in cloud security, today announced the launch of its Trend Micro Cloud One™ regional data centre in Sydney, to uphold data sovereignty and safeguard data privacy in Australia. 

To support customer demand, this move comes as part of a global rollout of Trend Micro Cloud One data centres, including several across Asia-Pacific. This also follows the launch of its regional XDR data lake last year. Trend Micro Cloud One is Trend Micro’s flagship cloud security services platform for protecting servers, resources, and applications in the cloud. Trend Micro takes the lead by becoming one of the first security vendors to have the broadest set of services around cloud security, delivered out of Australia.

Australian organisations are increasingly embracing the agility that cloud offers, making SaaS the preferred model for security solutions delivery. However, many customers face regulatory or policy-based concerns around the location of SaaS platforms or data storage for their workloads.

“As Australia leads in rapid cloud adoption, it’s critical that we support this growth through improved compliance, reduced friction, and upheld data sovereignty – all at a local level,” said Ashley Watkins, Vice President, Trend Micro ANZ. “The launch of the Trend Micro Cloud One data centre in Sydney will provide simplified cloud security to Australian customers, especially highly regulated industries such as the public sector, and banking and financial services.”

“Trend Micro Cloud One enables customers to gain full visibility into their hybrid or multi-cloud environment, and ensure that the cloud services are configured correctly and are compliant to industry standards,” continued Watkins. “It also addresses the most fundamental cloud security requirements of customers, protecting a number of the most used cloud services, such as compute, file storage, containers, serverless functions, virtual private network, and more.”

The Trend Micro Cloud One Sydney data centre also enables Trend Micro’s local partner ecosystem to provide greater choice to their customers as they look to bolster their hybrid and multi-cloud security.

“We are excited to see Trend Micro Cloud One providing a complete onshore data sovereignty solution. This offers our customers greater control of their security data and ensures that we can help our regulated customers meet their data sovereignty requirements,” said David Mercieca, Managed Service Practice Lead, CMD Solutions.

The all-in-one platform approach provides automated protection, protecting the customers at every step of the way on their cloud journey.


About Trend Micro

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