Trend Micro Premium Security Earns Top Ranking from Network World

SYDNEY, Australia, June 4, 2015Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in security software, today announced its latest Trend Micro™ Premium Security software solution earned the top spot in a recent Network World review of the seven leading security software vendors. It was rated the best overall package for comprehensive security for desktop and mobile devices iOS and Android. In addition, it was one of only two packages to identify 100 percent of tested threats, without false positives. An easy to use interface and simple installation processes, combined with a variety of new features, make it one of the most unique offerings on the market.

“With the aggressive and complex nature of threats we are seeing today, a ‘defense-in-depth’ approach to endpoint security is a necessity," said Tim Falinski, Consumer Director, ANZ, at Trend Micro. “As cybercriminals evolve their tools and tactics, we are constantly innovating our protection technologies to be one step ahead. We remain committed to helping keep our customer safe as they explore online, regardless of the device being used."

The testing sample also included products from Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee, AVG, ESET and Panda Software. Network World focused on ease of installation and management, as well as user friendliness and the protection each suite offered beyond traditional signature-based solutions.

According to the review, Trend Micro Premium Security was among the fastest tested. A complete scan on a test desktop system often took between two and three minutes less than other programs tested. For Android devices, scanning normally took less than a minute, without compromising accuracy.

Trend Micro Premium Security provides comprehensive protection for multiple devices, such as Windows, Macs and Android, while safeguarding against malware, dangerous websites and identity theft. Additionally, it features a privacy scanner for social media tools such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Product highlights include:

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