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Based in Melbourne, Goldline IT has been serving businesses in the medical and professional services fields for more than 20 years.

With many of the end-to-end IT solutions provider’s customers needing to maintain accreditation to operate in the medical sector, Goldline IT places a particular emphasis on stringent service delivery and security standards—a factor that is further supported by the implementation of Trend Micro’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution.

Part of the reason for adopting the additional XDR solution was really to help ensure an effective risk reduction strategy, to make sure the customers’ systems are always up, and if they were to get a data breach, they would be able to be rectified very quickly.

Anthony Lee

Managing Director, Goldline IT

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  • Blocked all known threats and prevented any known breaches
  • Reduced security anxiety among customers
  • Bolstered medical centre accreditation capability


Data security is important for businesses in any industry, but medical data comprises particularly sensitive information.

As a result, Australia’s privacy law has strict rules about how a health service provider can collect, use, and disclose its patients’ personal health information.

Along with maintaining stringent service standards when it comes to IT infrastructure, the adequate protection of patient data plays a big role in the ability for medical centres and associated healthcare providers to keep their accreditation each year.

For Goldline IT, making sure its medical customers’ systems are operating 24/7 with little or no downtime is a top challenge, as is ensuring the adequate protection of patient data. With the healthcare sector being increasingly targeted by cyber criminals in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of Goldline IT’s customers were anxious about their ability to protect patient data and maintain their accreditation.


Goldline IT added the Trend Micro XDR solution, which collects and automatically correlates data across multiple security layers, to its existing portfolio of Trend products and services due to the new opportunities it offered to provide greater value to its customers. 

Goldline IT had previously shifted its focus to Trend security offerings, including Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ security services, as they helped the IT services provider offer more consistent uptime for its customers.

The decision to implement the Trend XDR solution in the IT environments of its 50- plus medical centre customers across Victoria gave Goldline IT a new and effective way to quell their customers’ growing anxiety about cyber threats targeting the medical industry and the broader business landscape more generally.

“Part of the reason for adopting the additional XDR solution was really to help ensure an effective risk reduction strategy, to make sure the customers’ systems are always up, and if they were to get a data breach, they would be able to be rectified very quickly,” said Anthony Lee, Managing Director, Goldline IT.


Within 12 months of rolling out Trend Micro XDR, the service is now helping more than 45 of Goldline IT’s medical centre customers secure themselves against cyber threats, protect their customer data, and ensure reliable system uptime.

Goldline IT’s customers have gained newfound assurance that their data won’t be leaked. Even if customer servers are corrupted, Goldline IT can restore them quickly and easily, which provides customers with a lot of comfort. To date, Goldline IT’s customers have never had a known breach, and every known threat that has targeted customer systems has been stopped by the Trend solution.

“Doctors are one of the hardest industries to work for, because you can’t reboot the server during the day, and everything has to be working all the time, as they are seeing patients day in, day out,” Lee said. “All our work has to be absolutely perfect. The service can’t go down, so I’m pleased to say I’ve never had something like a crypto lock problem, ever.”

What's Next


Conscious of Trend’s product roadmap for its XDR offering and the broader selection of enterprise products and services it provides, Goldline IT knows that when it’s ready to expand to the corporate level and service larger organisations, it would be able to do this with ease as an existing Trend Micro partner.

Perhaps most importantly, Trend provides appropriate solutions at appropriate price points for every level of the market. The small and midsize businesses Goldline IT services today can continue to receive the best service for them and their respective needs, even if the IT provider began to expand its offering upward to serve the enterprise end of the market.

“A company that has really good support is very important, as is a product that actually works and doesn’t cause issues after you install it, continually updates, and has a roadmap for security moving forward,” Lee said.

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