Certification Program in IT Security 

2022 Australia program

Applications now closed

The time is now

Now’s a great time to launch your career in IT Security. Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, yet in 2022 the global shortfall of cybersecurity workers is set to exceed 1.8 million. There are plenty of opportunities for talented, passionate individuals in this field – from software development to sales, support, and professional services.  

Trend Micro’s Certification Program in IT Security (CPITS) reflects our commitment to closing the cybersecurity skills gap. Trainees undergo a free 9-week program focusing on the soft and hard skills required to start out in the field. Participants earn industry-recognised certificates and a number of those completing the program are offered employment opportunities with Trend Micro. 

Over the last 6 years, more than 400 aspiring cybersecurity professionals have passed through the CPITS, going on to embark on a wide range of information security careers internationally – in Brazil, India, the US, the Middle East, and Africa.     

The first Australia edition of the CPITS takes place from March to May 2022. Applications for this round of the program are now closed.

“The CPITS has given me a great opportunity. It’s allowed me to fill a knowledge gap regarding cybersecurity, helped me to understand the business needs of this industry, the best ways to improve myself and my skills, and shown me how to enjoy the journey!”

Mohamed Khaled
Cloud Security Sales Engineer
CPITS graduate, 2016

Program overview 

Is the CPITS for you?

Hear what our students say about Next-Gen Cyber Defenders

"Joining a robust, condensed, and impactful training strategy like CPITS has opened many doors for me, allowing me to explore and break into top industries with job opportunities in cybersecurity and cloud computing. The CPITS has been a sort of investment in myself: my character as well as my soft & technical skills. Overall, it’s a great way for engineers like me to gain a wide variety of experiences, make good friends, and enjoy their journey!"

Mohamed Ashour, Systems Engineer,
CPITS graduate, 2017

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"CPITS was really a turning point in my whole life! During the program, I learned the true meaning of ‘exploring yourself’. I discovered my passion while learning cybersecurity fundamentals and identified my potential to explore further and further in a cybersecurity career."


Asmaa Elsawy, Systems Engineer,
CPITS graduate,  2018

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"The program helped put me on the right track after graduation - being well-trained by top experts in cybersecurity, and then getting really good experience in specialist security and cloud technologies. At the same time, I benefitted from chances to learn more about myself in the context of business."


Shereen Lotfy, Sales Operations Specialist,
CPITS graduate, 2017

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"The CPITS gave me a great chance. It helped enrich my knowledge of the cybersecurity field. But it wasn’t only about the technical skills, but also about expanding my understanding of the market and the business needs of this crucial Industry. The program helped me improve my knowledge and skills, making me more confident, while pushing me to do my best and showing me how to continue growing and learning throughout my journey!"


Aisha Badr, Systems Engineer,
CPITS graduate,  2018

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