Migrate safely to the cloud on AWS – UAE

On the Occasion of the new AWS UAE Region Opening, Promotional Private offers and free trials are available on the Marketplace

Meet your security needs for AWS

To better serve MENA customers across virtually every industry and of every size, we are making Trend Micro Cloud One™, our flagship SaaS security solution, available in AWS MENA region. Now you can protect, detect, and respond to threats effectively from a centralized cloud with locally available end-to-end solutions.

With one of the broadest sets of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, including an XDR data lake, endpoint security, email security, network analytics, cloud security, and sandbox-as-a-service, even customers grappling with strict regulatory or policy-based requirements around the location of their data can accelerate growth and enhance their digital capabilities through the power of the cloud.

Cloud security simplifiedTake advantage of the following Cloud One services

Workload & Endpoint Security

Secure your data center, cloud, and containers without compromising performance or security with a comprehensive SaaS solution.



Cloud security and compliance posture management.


Application Security

Security for serverless functions, APIs, and applications.


File Storage Security

Security for cloud file and object storage services.


As cloud adoption continues to accelerate in the country, the launch of the AWS Middle East Region in the UAE will enable organizations to innovate faster, operate with lower latency, and serve their customers in the most secure and efficient way possible. As an AWS partner, Trend Micro looks forward to safeguarding the modern migrations to the cloud and protecting enterprises growing their business through the cloud.

Salah Suleiman
Country Manager - UAE

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The UAE continues to thrive in the new digital era with the inclusion of the new AWS Middle East Region. Local organizations can drive a greater impact on the country’s digital economy by meeting their data residency requirements and achieving lower latency in the cloud. As a partner of AWS, Trend Micro is dedicated to bolstering the cloud capabilities of enterprises with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and strategies accelerating growth and innovation.

Bilal Baig
Technical Director - MMEA

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Customers can now grow their business inside UAE more securely using Trend Micro Cloud One Unified Platform that cover and Secure AWS services and meeting the compliance and regulations requirements, giving them more flexibility to expand their business demands with better financial plans on AWS Market Place.

Mohamed Ibrahim
Cloud Business Development Director - MMEA

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