Trend Micro Cloud OneNetwork Security

Advanced cloud-native network security detection, protection, and cyber threat disruption for your single and multi-cloud environments.

Defense in

Powerful network layer security, integrated into the cloud network fabric, allows you to inspect ingress and egress traffic.

Going beyond traditional intrusion prevention system (IPS) capabilities, it includes virtual patching and post-compromise detection and disruption as part of a powerful hybrid cloud security platform.

Broad security
without disruption

Simple, flexible deployment options allow you to rapidly protect your network where you need it, without disrupting your business applications or processes.


Backed by Trend Micro Research, our advanced threat intelligence is integrated with our solutions to provide enterprise-grade, active network protection – allowing you to gain centralized visibility and control, and to meet compliance requirements quickly.

Immediate cloud network security protection against internal, external, and zero-day exploits

Unlike a firewall, you don’t need to see the three-way handshakes, the beginning of traffic, or the termination. You can begin ingress and egress inspection mid-flow, gaining immediate protection from lateral movements, command and control (C&C), and internal or external threats.

Network Security provides an additional layer of security by filtering out threats to networks that traditional firewalls cannot detect using:

  • Network layer virtual patching
  • Egress filtering
  • Deep packet inspection
  • Lateral movement

Protect against all phases of the attack lifecycle

With an active blocking approach, Network Security will stop and notify you of any attacks, so you can take the next steps. Actively block threats, detect and disrupt infiltrations, and isolate and stop homeward communication.

Leveraging advanced threat intelligence and protocol analysis, anomaly detection, indicators of compromise (IOC) blocking, and classic signature-based methods, Network Security detects and protects against entire classes and techniques of attacks in addition to specific attacks.

Quickly gain enterprise-grade network layer security to protect everything in your virtual private clouds (VPCs). By deploying within the cloud network fabric, you can protect your infrastructure and network segments rapidly and easily with actionable security that doesn’t slow down your business or network traffic.

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Zero Day Initiative

Proactive network layer virtual patching and vulnerability protection

Leverage the world’s leading global threat research powered by Trend Micro Research and the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) to protect your cloud network from threats that exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities. With our virtual patching you get more time to patch vulnerabilities without having to sacrifice resources or sleep. We empower you to quickly respond to threats that exploit known vulnerabilities without slowing or shutting down your business applications. Always on – always protected.

Enterprise-grade network layer security designed to protect everything in your virtual private clouds (VPCs)

Take control and customize Network Security to work within your current network infrastructure or let our hosted infrastructure service protect your network with automated updates and resource scaling to reduce the burden of network security management.

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Network Security is part of Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for cloud builders, which includes:

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