Shedding Light On Software Vulnerabilities [Video]

Uncertainty has a certain ominous ring to it. Imagine walking barefoot in a dark alley with only the weak light of a small flashlight guiding your way. It's worrying because unseen things could harm you.

Often, uncertainty equals darkness. Anything shrouded in darkness—anything outside what people can readily see or sense—these are things and places that most people are averse to.

Technology also has its own version of darkness. These are everything on the flip side of the benefits that we reap from the Internet, from new devices, from advanced technological concepts and others. When it comes to technology, we have to accept that there are things that we can't see, such as weaknesses that can be exploited and abused.

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There are ways to ensure that technology is kept as far away from the threats that malicious actors can do in the dark, or in places that we can't see. First, everyone, from the consumers, to their developers or manufacturers, and the companies who guard their security, should all have a mindset that vulnerabilities exist in the realm of technology. Software and hardware is inherently flawed. Exploits happen. But we have to learn to accept this reality and learn to deal with it effectively.

“Vulnerabilities are a fact of life,” remarks Raimund Genes, Chief Technology Officer for Trend Micro, adding, “Bringing vulnerabilities to light is always a good thing.”

After this, vendors themselves are called out to first consider security as a priority. Security should be a general mindset. In a world where even the most expensive applications can come with exploitable bugs, cybercriminals are the only ones who can benefit. Putting security in the least priority, or worst, as an afterthought, is like virtually dipping consumers in a web of infectious threats and simply hoping that their personal information is safe.

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“Nothing says we care better than keeping what customers hold dear safe from the darkness that threats bring,” reminds Raimund Genes.

Watch the complete video below to better understand the benefits of shedding light on vulnerabilities:


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