Smart Technologies are Linked to Threats

New Technology, New Threats View infographic: New Technology, New Threats

New technological advancements have ushered in machines of a higher caliber. An exciting wireless and high-tech connection now exists among people, machines, and processes, thanks to the Internet of Everything (IoE). Various industries have started to take advantage of IoE by rolling out appliances with exciting remote features. Apps can now communicate with appliances. They can, for example, be used to remotely control home lights or garden sprinklers.

More familiar home and personal appliances also receive upgrades at the onset of IoE. We now see flexible 4K television sets with ultra-high definition large screens that can connect to the Internet and recognize faces or names. Personal products like wearable technology and smartphones armed with faster processing power are considered everyday objects. Research predicts that worldwide shipment of smartwatches alone is expected to reach 214 M units by 2018.

The adoption and creation of IoE-ready technologies is projected to go upward. Soon we’ll be seeing even faster smartphones, more fully automated cars, and more immersive gaming consoles.

Unfortunately, as this connected future inches closer, cybercriminals prepare for it as well. New technologies mean new opportunities for attacks.

Information in smart TVs could be the hacker's next source of personally identifiable information. New gaming consoles can inspire cybercriminals to create threats focused on gamers and gaming services. Self-driving cars may be hacked into and tampered, which could endanger passengers.

New technologies are all around now, and adopters are called on to not only enjoy them for all the benefits they bring, but also make sure they’re secure from data theft and other dangers.
New Technology, New Threats

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