Fake Family Doctors Recommend Fake Online Pharmacy via vCards

 Analysis by: Fjordan Allego

In a bid to get users to click, cybercriminals turn to your trusted persons. We have seen spammed messages with vCard attachments, electronic business cards that contain personal information of a person such as name, address, phone number, email address, website and even audio clips. The vCards supposedly carry more information about the supposed recipient's new family doctor. Opening the vCard will indeed reveal more information about the sender. It contains a fictional name, the name of the company which in most cases falls under Cheap Viagra or USA Pharmacy, a fake email address and most importantly, the link to the bogus pharmacy site.The message also recommends an online pharmacy where they can get 70% discount.

Similar to other spam-related pharmacy domains, the featured pharmacy sites on these spams bear the word doctor followed by at least four alphanumeric characters and end with the Russian domain .ru. Trend Micro customers are protected against these messages and all the associated URLs by our Smart Protection Network technology.

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