Spam Found Attached with vCard

 Analysis by: Dhan Praga

We have received samples of email messages asking for assistance. Specifically, it asks recipients to help in fulfilling an important task. In exchange, the sender offers a certain amount of money. The email also includes an attached vCard containing contact information of the sender.

vCard is the standard file format for electronic business cards often attached to emails. It may contain personal information such as name, address, phone numbers, email address, and photo. In this message, spammers have opted to attach the vCard instead of providing the contact details in the mail's body. This is done to possibly avoid being blocked by spam filters.

The IP address of the email sender was also noted to have an active spam activity. Upon further investigation, it was found to host various spam mails, including pharmaceutical, mails with malicious attachments, and scams.

Users must remain wary of email messages coming from unknown sources. 

 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: March 29, 2011 GMT-8
  • ENGINE:6.5
  • PATTERN:8042