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Subject: Tropic is the biennial election of one ambassador-in-ordinary, by the

F his chamber: they had often discourses concerning government; but
when they happened
to talk of a commonwealth the King seemed not to endure it.'
Harrington used all the influence he had with those in whose power
the King was, to prevent the urging of avoid-able questions that
would stand in the way of such a treaty as they professed to seek
during the King's imprisonment at Carisbrooke.
Harrington's friendly interventions on the King's behalf
before the Parliament commissioners at New-port caused him, indeed,
to be suspected; and when the King was removed from Carisbrooke to
Hurst Castle,
Harrington was not allowed to remain in his service. But afterward,
when King Charles was being taken to Windsor, Harrington got leave to
bid him farewell at the door of his carriage. As he was about to
kneel, the King took him by the hand and pulled him in. For a few
days lie was left with the King, but an oath was required of him that
he would not assist in, or conceal knowledge of any attempt to
procure, the King's escape. He would not take the oath; and was this
time not only dismissed from the King's service but himself
imprisoned, until Ireton obtained his release.
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