Analysis by: Sabrina Lei Sioting


Andr/NewyearL-B (Sophos), Application:Android/Counterclank.A (Fsecure), Trojan.AndroidOS.Plankton.h (Sunbelt), Andr.Plangton-12 (Clamav), Android/Plankton.A!tr (Fortinet), Android/Plankton.H (Eset),


Information Stealer


Android OS


  • Threat Type: Backdoor

  • Destructiveness: No

  • Encrypted: No

  • In the wild: Yes


Infection Channel:

Downloaded from the Internet, Via app stores

This malicious app is known as Brightest Flashlight Free.

It gathers various information on the affected device. It may connect to a C&C server to send information gathered.

It is capable of setting bookmarks, setting browser homepage, and getting shortcuts on the device.

This backdoor may be manually installed by a user.


File Size:

2,882,230 bytes

Memory Resident:


Initial Samples Received Date:

27 Feb 2012


Compromises system security, Connects to URLs/IPs, Steals information

Arrival Details

This backdoor may be manually installed by a user.

This is Trend Micro's detection for Android applications bundled with malicious code.

It may connect to its C&C server and send details regarding the infected device:

  • http://www.{BLOCKED}
Device details include:
  • brand
  • device
  • manufacturer
  • model
  • android version
  • device ID (IMEI)
  • display metrics
  • locale
  • SDK version
It waits for the backdoor commands from the server:
  • /activate
  • /homepage
  • /commandstatus
  • /bookmarks
  • /shortcuts
  • /notifications
  • /terminate
  • /dumplog
  • /unexpectedexception
  • /upgrade
  • /installation
  • /info
  • /optout
It has the capability to do the following routines:
  • get / set homepage of the browser
  • get / set bookmarks
  • set / get shortcuts
  • get / set notification link, title, icon and text


Minimum Scan Engine:


TMMS Pattern File:


TMMS Pattern Date:

27 Feb 2012

Step 1

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Step 2

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