Bitcoin Extortion Scam Targets Video Conferencing Users

 Analysis by: Christelle Joyce Yanguas

Scammers are targeting video conference apps users as they try to lure victims into their schemes. In this particular spam campaign, scammers are sending messages purportedly alerting recipients on a zero-day vulnerability on the video conferencing app Zoom. Scammers claim that the vulnerability allowed them full time access to the victim's camera and other data of the victim's account. They continued with threats to the victim that they have recorded illicit videos that will be released and shared if victim fails to pay within the next three days. The message contains scammer's bitcoin wallet address.

Note that there is no zero-day vulnerability on Zoom. Emails such as these are sent by scammers to make a profit out of it hoping that people would be worried enough to pay. We recommend to never interact with unknown senders to avoid being scammed.

 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: October 26, 2020 GMT-8
  • ENGINE:8.2
  • PATTERN:25750