Sextortion Bitcoin Scam Targets Educational Institution in Philippines

 Analysis by: Adriel Isidro

A new wave of bitcoin extortion spam is making its way to educational institutions. Written in Filipino, it contains a threatening message depicting how the scammer was able to hack the victim's computer and webcam through malware that can remain hidden against the victim's antivirus software. It also claims to have the ability to purportedly get illicit videos of the victim. What follows is a threat to release those videos online if the victim does not transfer funds to the scammer's bitcoin wallet address.The scammer ends the letter with a 48-hour ultimatum with the consequence of releasing and sharing the claimed video to the victim's contact.

Threatening schemes such as these are the go-to for scammers to shock readers and eventually make them pay. We recommend to never interact with unknown senders to avoid being scammed.

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