Defensive Measures

Abusing Argo CD, Helm, and Artifact Hub: An Analysis of Supply Chain Attacks in Cloud-Native Applications

We provide an overview of cloud-native tools and examine how cybercriminals can exploit their vulnerabilities to launch supply chain attacks.


  • Backdoors are applications that open computers to remote access, and are used as a way to avoid detection and carry out targeted attacks. How can IT administrators secure their networks against these backdoor techniques?
  • For many organizations, the question is no longer if they fall victim to a targeted attack, but when. In such an event, how an organization responds will determine whether it becomes a serious event or if it stays a mere annoyance.
  • Windows XP's end-of-support opens a big window of opportunity for cybercriminals. The OS's strong foothold—still owning 18.6% of the market as of February 2014—will cause problems for organizations that choose to delay migrating to other platforms.
  • What happens to data in the event of losing a smartphone? Mobile devices, though ideal in business, can become a major risk once it's lost or stolen. The data stored in the device is a gold mine for competitors or attackers trying to infiltrate the company
  • Building solid threat intelligence can help organizations spot and mitigate targeted attacks in their early stages. This is why it’s important for enterprises to invest in internal and external intelligence as well as the expertise of reputable security analys
  • The BYOD trend is a double-edged sword. It can help power a business but also cause its downfall. The steady rise of data breaches, mobile malware, and targeted attacks should keep IT administrators on their feet and get them ready to cover all the bases.
  • A response team could be the only thing standing between a security incident and total disaster. Different from your typical IT team, incident response personnel are tasked to detect and contain network attacks before they escalate to critical levels.
  • Enterprises are moving towards virtualization and cloud computing. However, adopting these new platforms opens new windows of exposure that can be leveraged in data breach attacks.