Web Security

Protect from internet threats and gain control over cloud app usage

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Superior protection with centralized management

Monitor web use and manage policies with a single management console.

Stop threats before they reach endpoints and mobile devices.

Protect users at any location, on or off the corporate network.

Guard against advanced and unknown threats with layered protection.


Cloud app access control and visibility

Allows you to control and monitor cloud services access for your users.

Identifies 30,000 unsanctioned cloud services and executes the access policy set up by admin.

Blocks personal account access to popular sanctioned cloud services.


Flexible deployment options

One license, three gateway deployment options: cloud, on-premises, and hybrid.

Cloud-based: eliminate the expense and resource drain from backhauling traffic or managing multiple, secure web gateways.

Hybrid: deploy on-premises virtual appliances for large corporate sites while protecting smaller offices and mobile users with cloud web gateway.

Options that fit your resources and security needs

Trend Micro™ Web Security™ Advanced provides you with forward-looking threat protection on web threats, URL filtering, and application control, plus enterprise-grade features, including:


  • Sandbox analysis for unknown files
  • Cloud App visibility and access control
  • Data loss prevention


Need just the essentials? Trend Micro™ Web Security™ Standard gives you streamlined protection.


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