We make the world a safe place
for exchanging digital information

Trend History

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Over 5600 employees
in 38 Global Business Units

Global distribution of 5600 employees

Quick facts 

  • Founded: 1998, United States 
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan 
  • Revenue: $1.2 Billion 
  • 5600 employees 
  • 38 global business units 
  • 500K+ commercial customers worldwide, millions of individuals and families
  • 65B+ threats blocked yearly 
  • 6B+ new, unique threats identified yearly  


Making the world a better place

We help those less fortunate and
enable families to enjoy their digital lives safely.

Ongoing Trend Micro Give and Match Campaign 

More than 12,000 Trend Micro participants

More than $4 million in donations

Trend Micro home building program in the Philippines 

589 Trenders
helped build
222 homes,
affecting more than
2,668 children’s lives

Ongoing Trend Micro Internet Safety for Kids & Families Program

866 volunteers
134,068 children,
14,502 events


ISCA Award
SC Awards 2016

Trend Micro North America

  • Best in class benefits [Medical/Dental/Vision]
  • 401K ($ for $ match up to 5%)
  • Parent friendly employer [Maternity/Paternity leave]
  • Global career advancement opportunities
  • Trend-wide annual MVP recognition program
  • Graduate/Family internships
  • Attractive employee referral program

Meet our employees

“Trans from a customer of 15 years to employee was the best decision I have ever made in my career as I truly believe the culture here is just as great as the product.”

Victor Devine, Sales Engineer

“Trend Micro is like a second home to me, having moved through various roles in Taiwan to working in Trend, US now since last year.”

Maggie Chiang, Staff Engineer, R&D

“From starting as a Sales Support Specialist 15 years ago to my current role in Trend, I have loved every step of the way.”

Beth Favor, Sr. Manager-Sales