Stay Ahead of Any Security Challenge

The Future-Proof CISO

Stay ahead of risks and build cyber resiliency by strategically consolidating platforms for a risk-informed approach.

The Supercharged SOC

Stop adversaries faster with a broader perspective and context to detect, investigate, and respond to threats with speed and efficiency.

The Resilient SecOps

Explore the role of attack surface risk management in optimizing operational strategies and propelling business objectives.

The Cloud Security Visionary

Identify and respond to cloud threats with speed and visibility. Secure everything built in the cloud and more.

Fueling the Next-Gen Cybersecurity Conversation Around the Globe

What Our Attendees Say

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"Mature speakers and great-quality of presentations."

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"Enjoyed the session on deconstructing XDR."

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"I liked Trend Vision One, global & SOC strategies."

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"Great networking to discuss the current challenges."

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"Local and global speakers bring lots of good insight."

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United States

"Your technology strategy viewpoint is innovative!"

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"A very important event for my establishment."

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"Sessions exposed areas that need looking at."


"I liked Trend Vision One, global & SOC strategies."