Centralized Management and Response

Centralized management with integrated security policy, response, and visibility

Key Features

Actionable threat intelligence

The TippingPoint® Security Management System (SMS) provides global vision and security policy control for threat intelligence and enables comprehensive analysis and correlation. You can configure it to automatically check for, download, and distribute filter updates to TippingPoint systems as well as to take immediate action on events based on your security policies.

  • Operationalizes machine-readable threat intelligence (MRTI) through support for STIX and TAXII information sharing
  • Consumes threat intelligence feeds from third party sources via APIs

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Enterprise Vulnerability Remediation (eVR)

Map vulnerabilities to Trend Micro threat intelligence, take immediate action to maximize security coverage, and remediate through vulnerability threat prioritization.

  • Quickly optimize your network security with virtual patches for active CVEs in your network
  • Simplify policy decisions based on latest threat intelligence
  • Enhance and improve compliance processes
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Advanced threat analysis

TippingPoint solutions automatically block known and undisclosed vulnerabilities from the network. Added forensic capabilities automatically forward unknown or suspicious indicators of compromise (IOCs) to Deep Discovery for in-depth sandbox analysis and remediation, all without changing policy or altering network infrastructure.

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Contextual awareness

SMS provides contextual and end-user awareness on security and threats. Security policies can be defined and easily changed to fit the rhythm of business operations and respond to threats as they arise.

  • Detects and blocks network traffic based on a geographic region or country
  • Integrates with Active Directory (AD) to provide context, visibility, and reporting of compromised users by mapping IP addresses to AD users, machines, domains, and AD groups
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TippingPoint SMS Technical Specifications

  • Features
Physical characteristics    
Dimensions 43.47 x 69.85 x 4.32 cm (17.11 x 27.5 x 1.7 in.)
44.55 x 67.94 x 8.73 cm (17.54 x 26.75 x 3.44 in.)
Form factor 1U rack mount 2U rack mount
Weight 16.78 kg (36.99 lb) 23.6 kg (51.5 lb)
Memory, processor, and storage 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 v3 (2.4 GHz/6-core/15 MB/85 W)
600 GB (2 x 600 GB disks, RAID 1)
2x Intel Xeon E5-2690 v3 (2.6 GHz/12-core/30 MB/135 W)
1.8 TB storage (6 x 600 GB, RAID 1+0)
Operating Temperature 10 to 35°C (50 to 95°F) 10 to 35°C (50 to 95°F)
Electrical Characteristics  
Voltage 100 to 120 VAC, 200 to 240 VAC 100 to 120 VAC, 200 to 240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Current 2.78 A (100 V) to 1.15 A (240 V) 4.58 A (100 V) to 1.88 A (240 V)
Power Supply Redundant 500 W (Hot swappable) Redundant 800 W (Hot swappable)
  200 million historical events 600 million historical events
    Provides additional processing and storage recommended for
deployments larger than 150 devices
Lights-out management Support HPE iLO 4 support with a dedicated
10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 iLO port
HPE iLO 4 support with a dedicated
10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 iLO port

Virtual Appliance Specifications

Features TippingPoint vSMS Enterprise Virtual Appliance
Hypervisor Support VMware ESX/ESXi v5.5 Update 1 or later KVM
Resources 300 GB of disk space (min); 2 virtual CPUs
12 GB of memory (min); 2 virtual NICs
Capacity 200 million historical events

Threat Insights

Gain visibility into the volume and severity of threats attacking your network. Threat Insights aggregates and collects threat data from TippingPoint, Deep Discovery, and third-party solutions to give you visibility into which attacks require immediate response and which ones were thwarted, allowing you to prioritize, automate, and integrate network threat information.

Threat insights

Proactive response and remediation

Through an automated response system called Active Responder, you can specify an action in response to a security event, ranging from directing a user to a self-remediation site, generating a trouble ticket, or – if the event is severe enough–moving to a secure VLAN or removal from the network.

Third-Party integration

SMS integrates seamlessly with other Trend Micro solutions, as well as with SIEM, vulnerability management tools, and other complementary security solutions. Gain centralized visibility into your network to make informed decisions and take immediate action on any potential threats to infrastructure or data.

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Beyond next-gen

The TippingPoint® Security Management System is part of Trend Micro Network Defense. It’s powered by XGen™️ security, a blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques that deliver faster time to protection against known, unknown, and undisclosed threats. Our smart, optimized, and connected technology ensures that everything is working together to give you visibility and control across the evolving threat landscape.