Trend Micro Cloud OneOpen Source Security by Snyk

Visibility and monitoring of open source vulnerabilities for SecOps


Empower security operations teams to identify open source code vulnerabilities and license risks across application components for enhanced visibility. Surface rich intelligence about indirect dependencies that are impacting your software bill of materials and security.


Imagine having the early advantage of understanding open source risks within application development streams. Together, Trend Micro and Snyk have made this a reality through the Trend Micro Cloud One™ SaaS security platform for cloud builders.


Manage open source vulnerabilities introduced during application development in an efficient and easy to implement security workflow. Balance business velocity with immediate risk awareness by monitoring trends and prioritizing issues found in open source dependencies.

Open Source Cloud

Complete visibility and awareness of open source risks

Developers are pulling in vast amounts of open source dependencies without any security controls or visibility. Cloud One - Open Source Security by Snyk reduces the ability for adversaries to infiltrate software while supporting developers to build stronger applications.

Identify vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies and their sub-dependencies for better security controls

Deliver continuous monitoring for zero-day vulnerabilities in cloud native projects as well as legacy applications

Improve application development and security governance while providing continuous visibility to security teams

Surface insight and intelligence through the Trend Micro Cloud One platform with actionable recommendations for remediation

SecOps visibility for deeper insight

Increase visibility into security risks hidden in open source code and strengthen security procedures that affect application development and productivity.

  • A dependency tree view, which highlights how transitive vulnerabilities are introduced
  • Rich contextual information powered by Snyk Intel Vulnerability Database
  • Continuous monitoring to minimize the exposure to threats over time

Open source bill of materials

Eliminate unexpected dangers in your application development cycles by providing security teams with a complete list of open source code dependency risks.

  • Curate a listing of open source risks across monolith and microservices applications
  • Drive earlier detection in build pipelines with accurate information of exploit targets
  • Avoid costly mistakes by making secure decisions across your application projects
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Bridge the organizational gap

Open source vulnerabilities have traditionally been the domain of DevOps teams but with increased risks, Security teams need to be part of this awareness so everyone can react faster.

  • Monitor the state of open source vulnerabilities and license risks from a single view
  • Enhance secure DevOps and SecOps practices with automated reports and notifications for a shared responsibility and control
  • Integrate with the software development life cycle (SDLC) and source code platforms, such as GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket, even Jenkins and more
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