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Letting risk go unchallenged

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Losing sight of your cyber risk

Your attack surface is constantly evolving. As it expands, you lose visibility of your critical assets. Siloed views from point solutions can make blind spots spread faster. When your security team must sift through alerts to detect risks, vulnerabilities, and active threats, they’re more likely to go unnoticed.

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Complexity leads to threats and breaches

Reacting to threats when they’ve already impacted you could be too late. If your email, endpoints, server, cloud, and network solutions can’t coordinate to preemptively limit risk and prevent breaches, you could be forced to waste valuable time putting out fires.


Faster detection and response


Trend Service One™ enables the optimal configuration and usage of Trend products with constant proactive threat hunting across every. Our global Managed Detection and Response team enables earlier threat detection for proactive assistance using our industry-leading research.


Our global team is ready 24/7 to engage critical alerts. Expert threat specialists, operators, incident responders, and risk service managers will guide you through immediate response, as well as investigation and recovery.


Our managed services detect and respond to threats, reduce the likelihood of a breach, and optimize how your security solutions are configured and subsequently behave.

Our team constantly monitors your attack surfaces, continuously evaluating critical areas of cyber risk from unknown and unmanaged assets, vulnerabilities, XDR detections, and security misconfigurations.

The Choice is Clear

See how Trend leads the pack with unparalleled threat detection and response. Trend's 100% detection coverage, real-time telemetry, and global customer base protects thousands of organizations worldwide. Discover why Trend is the top choice for 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, and response.

What customers say
“Trend Service One with Managed XDR provides ADEC with the first line of defense that I was looking for, along with a dedicated support contact to assist the company—critical capabilities for helping a small global IT department fulfill a big charter."
Ed Martinez,
Global Chief Information Security Officer

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Maximize effectiveness with proactive risk reduction and managed services