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Strengthens its grip on security with Trend Micro


Royal Visio is an expert center for care, education, and services for the visually impaired and blind. They have over 2,900 employees, in 30 locations throughout the Netherlands. In total, Visio’s IT teams supports and manages around 1,100 thin clients and 1,200 laptops. For the security of these endpoints they used Microsoft® solutions. However, they realized this wasn’t enough when faced with a ransomware attack. In the end, Visio was able to restore the blocked data from the backup, but that took a lot of time and was at the expense of productivity.









Netherlands, Europe

IT Environment

  • 1,100 thin clients
  • 1,200 laptops
  • 150 virtual servers


  • Tightened antivirus and anti-malware security
  • A complete picture of the security
  • Complete protection from endpoint to server
  • Simple and automated patch management
  • Central management and insight
  • Simple license structure
  • Maximum protection of users, including mobile devices
  • Ready for the cloud and Software as a Service


In order to optimally protect the IT environment, the organization sought a reliable and complete antivirus and anti-malware solution for endpoints, laptops, smartphones, and servers. Additionally, Visio wanted better insight into the security status of their equipment and servers, requiring a central dashboard.

Patrick van Leeuwen, ICT services manager at Visio explained, “We work with client data and are obliged to protect it properly. With our previous security, however, we did not have visibility and data to map out and test our measures, for ourselves and for possible audit teams.”

van Leeuwen went on to explain, “That is why we wanted to have access to clear, central reports on the security situation which shows that we are in control and carefully handle client data. We also wanted to gain more insight into the threats and better anticipate them.” After looking at what the security market had to offer, Visio opted for Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Suite for Endpoints.


Visio first conducted market research, looking at analyst reports by leading research and advisory companies such as, Gartner. Through their analysis, they found that Trend Micro scored very well on the metrics they were interested in the most. That is why Visio decided on the Trend Micro Smart Protection Suite for Endpoint. Trend Micro was able to offer them a complete solution and make it is possible to optimally secure all of the layers within their technology environments. As well, Trend Micro could provide them with the insights and central dashboard they were looking for to gain more visibility into their security.

Another important advantage was the subscription structure. They could enjoy the benefits of complete security without a major peak in investment. The cost structure was transparent and based on the number of users, allowing for the flexibly to scale up and down.

Trend Micro’s security helps us spread apps, delete data remotely, and manage important settings. This way we create better security.

Patrick van Leeuwen

ICT Services Manager at Visio


The antivirus and anti-malware solutions from Trend Micro offered Visio various advantages. According to Patrick van Leeuwen, “Now, we always have a complete and upto- date picture of the security situation via one portal. As well, Trend Micro has enabled us to have the ability to see which endpoints are in use and whether they are encrypted.”

Trend Micro Smart Protection Suite has allowed Visio to gain a good overview of the threats facing their environments. As well, Visio has enjoyed the benefits of Trend Micro’s advanced machine learning, which actively works to protect them against ransomware in the workplace. With Trend Micro’s automated protection, Visio has gained more confidence in their security, and has the peace of mind that it is always up-to-date.

In time, we will purchase certain IT services in the cloud or Software as a Service. Thanks to Trend Micro, we are also assured good protection for our data and our users, when we decide to make the transition to the cloud.

Patrick van Leeuwen

ICT Services Manager at Visio


Visio is consciously looking ahead to better protect their employees and patients. “The number of mobile devices within our organization is growing fast. We are convinced that the future is mobile, which means that we will have an extra security challenge in the long term,” explained Patrick van Leeuwen. Visio is researching Trend Micro™ Mobile Security and how it could help them spread apps, delete data remotely, and manage settings.

In the future, Visio looks to begin making their transition to the cloud. Patrick van Leeuwen shared that, “In time, we will purchase certain IT services in the cloud or Software as a Service. Thanks to Trend Micro, we are assured of good protection for our data and our users, when we decide to make the transition to the cloud.”

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