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Enables a strong security posture through Trend Micro Vision One


The Srei Group of Companies is one of India’s leading asset finance and leasing institutions with a prominent presence in other sectors including infrastructure, power, hospitality, and healthcare.

Srei has over 30 years of successful business to its name. Among its many achievements, in 2005 Srei was the first Indian infrastructure non-bank financial institute (NBFC) to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is also the first company to lay the ground for passive telecom infrastructure sharing in India.

The company has received several awards, the most recent being voted one of the top 100 employers in India by The Economic Times.

With Trend Micro, we have now achieved tight API integration with our SOC, enabling us to take immediate actions wherever required.


Amit Deb

AVP IT Operation, Srei Group of Companies


Asset Finance, Infrastructure, Power, Hospitality, Healthcare





IT Environment

Hybrid (Cloud and On Premise)



  • Enhanced visibility and accelerated remediation
  • Tight API integration with SOC
  • Quick turnaround time and low resource usage


“Being a large and diversified business group, we required a single, unified, and comprehensive view of our entire security landscape. It was also our top priority that our security solution was to be deeply integrated with our present and future technology roadmap,” says Amit Deb, AVP IT Operation, Srei Group of Companies.

Since security today is an integral part of ensuring seamless business operations, Srei was also looking to have the right security partner who would be available to solve any potential technical escalations - something that was lacking in the previous security partner.

Trend Micro’s XDR capabilities went beyond the basic features and provides us with a future-ready solution.


Amit Deb

AVP IT Operation, Srei Group of Companies


“We evaluated multiple vendors before selecting Trend Micro. The POC we conducted proved that Trend Micro solutions had a clear edge over other products. We found the solutions to be both rich in features and technologically superior. In fact, Trend Micro solutions not only matched our technical requirements, but the XDR capabilities went beyond the basic features and provided us with a future-ready solution,” says Deb.

The POC proved that Trend Micro Vision One™ was able to go beyond the endpoint with its extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities. The solution provides a consolidated view of valuable insights, which enables broader visibility and expert security analytics. This provides more detection along with faster and more proactive response.

“The ability to provide vendor consolidation and a single point of support were other reasons why we chose Trend Micro,” says Deb.


Srei secured 1,500 endpoints and 200 instances in the cloud within a month. The implementation was completed with the help of a Trend Micro Certified Security Professional (TCSP) partner. Over the last six months, Srei has been using a suite of Trend Micro security products including Trend Micro Vision One, Trend Micro Apex One™, Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Workload Security, Trend Micro™ Web Security™ Advanced and Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ Software.

Trend Micro Vision One with XDR capabilities has empowered Srei to gain heightened detection and response capabilities across multiple security layers. The single source of managed detection and response has further helped resolve skill and resource constraints.

Cloud instances are protected in real time from attacks, by leveraging global threat intelligence provided by Workload Security. The strong API integration helps host-based security controls to be deployed automatically. Lastly, Deep Security Software secures traditional on-premise networks by providing detection and protection against vulnerabilities.

“Being a large group of companies, it was necessary that we have strong protection for our endpoints against the ever-expanding threat ecosystem, which now includes fileless and ransomware. With Trend Micro Apex One, we not only get automated threat detection and response, but actionable insights and centralized visibility,” says Deb. “Furthermore, Web Security Advanced has given us the much-needed control over cloud app usage.”


“Since deploying Trend Micro, we have now achieved tight API integration with our SOC. XDR capabilities has increased visibility through the 24/7 alert monitoring, correlation, and prioritization, which has accelerated the remediation mechanism. We are now able to take immediate actions on events [individuals/products/services] which need further investigation,” says Deb.

Leveraging Trend Micro products enables Srei to strengthen its security posture. They have achieved an uptime of 95% and complex targeted attacks are no longer a threat due to the use of cutting-edge techniques and deep threat intelligence.

“The multiple benefits received in terms of time (turnaround rate) and effort (low resource usage) makes Trend Micro a value-for-money product,” says Deb.


A comprehensive cloud strategy is part of Srei’s future technological roadmap. In light of these plans, Srei is currently evaluating Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity, which offers continuous security, compliance, and governance for their cloud infrastructure.

“Apart from providing comprehensive visibility with real-time monitoring, we are looking for an intelligent product that can perform auto-remediation as well as run automated security and compliance checks,” says Deb.

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