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RightCloud is one of the fastest growing public cloud transformation companies in Asia. Founded in 2015, the company is based in Singapore with regional offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. RightCloud’s mandate is “to transform enterprises to adopt public cloud securely, with the right governance, controls, and visibility while being cost-effective.” This is accomplished through cloud architecture design reviews, developing the right maturity models, security and governance, managed services while supporting the strategy beyond infrastructure into digital transformation, DevOps at scale, scalable AGILE software development, and Cloud enabled Big Data and Analytics.

Today, RightCloud manages over 5,000 servers for public cloud customers across Southeast Asia, and has accomplished more than 500 successful implementations. Through its global team of highly experienced cloud experts, RightCloud works with a variety of technology partners to deliver the best available services to its customers. RightCloud currently supports public cloud providers such as Amazon Web ServicesSM (AWS), Microsoft® Azure™, and Google® Cloud Platform.



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  • Streamlines customer protection with a complete set of security controls
  • Simplifies security management with a central, single-pane console
  • Increases efficiency and reduces operational costs through tight integration with AWS
  • Provides peace of mind with automated policies and enforcement
  • Accelerates business growth with powerful public cloud security


Since the start, RightCloud’s mission has been to provide its customers with a secure cloud environment that keeps their data safe from the growing number of sophisticated attacks. “With more advanced attacks that target public clouds, we needed a proactive approach to security,” said Prashant Gyan, co-founder and chief operating officer of RightCloud.

Ensuring data security in public cloud environments presents its own set of challenges. Public cloud providers like AWS provide a secure cloud infrastructure, however organizations still need to protect the workloads they place in the cloud. While RightCloud customers wanted to take advantage of the cloud’s speed, scalability, and cost-savings, they were nervous about losing that data to cybercriminals.

“Our customers are concerned about attacks that could expose valuable information, yet they don’t always have the resources themselves to protect the cloud environment,” said Gyan. “We wanted the best security technology to fend off threats and accelerate compliance for our customers.”

Deep Security not only offers the next-generation tools we need to keep our customers protected, but it’s easy to set up and automate security in AWS and other public clouds

Prashant Gyan

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


After evaluating cloud security solutions from several leading vendors, RightCloud selected Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ to protect its IT environment and customer public cloud environments. There were several factors that contributed to the decision to select Deep Security. “Deep Security’s central dashboard, the availability of APIs that allow us to automate day-to-day security operations and incident response, really improved the productivity of our managed service team. Second, its leadership position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant really set Trend Micro apart from the competition,” said Gyan.

Deep Security also offered tight integration with AWS, as well as with Azure and the Google Cloud. Additionally, on the commercial front, the Trend Micro Partner Program was a key factor for RightCloud. “Trend Micro’s Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program offered a pay-in-arrear option, which allowed partners like us to incorporate Trend Micro products as part of our managed service public cloud offerings,” said Gyan.


Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ helps RightCloud protect customer public cloud environments and provided the single-console management it needed to improve efficiency and governance. “With Deep Security, we gain a centralized view of the IT security environment across regions. One dashboard tracks everything, which simplifies governance for our team,” said Gyan.

Deep Security provides RightCloud with a comprehensive set of security controls delivered from a single agent for physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments. The solution includes full stack intrusion prevention (IPS) that examines each packet, making sure there’s nothing malicious hidden inside. Deep Security also integrates protection via the full API, scriptable components, or central UI, baking security into workloads. “With access to APIs, Deep Security makes it easy to enhance and customize security features, then add them to the management console,” said Gyan.

To defend against todays advanced threats and the latest ransomware attacks, Deep Security delivers layered security that includes integrity monitoring, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and behavioral analysis. “Deep Security not only offers the next-generation tools we need to keep our customers protected, but it is easy to set up and automate security in AWS and other public clouds,” said Gyan.


Deploying Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ not only helped RightCloud deliver robust managed security services, but the solution has helped fuel the company’s rapid growth. In fact, the solution currently accounts for 25% of RightCloud’s revenue, and that figure is expected to climb to 30% by the end of 2017. “Trend Micro’s cloud security leadership and their CSP commercial model helped accelerate our Managed Security Provider practices,” said Gyan.

The integration and automation capabilities of Deep Security with AWS have reduced operational costs and increased the managed security team’s efficiency. “With Deep Security, it’s easy to define security policies, automate enforcement, and run an audit to determine if policies are actually enforced. And we accomplish this with only four specialists,” said Gyan.

But what’s most important to RightCloud is how well Deep Security protects the public cloud environments for its customers, stopping hundreds of attacks daily, including ransomware. “I recommend Trend Micro to my peers because it gives me visibility into the threat landscape and peace of mind that our customer environments are protected,” said Gyan.


RightCloud plans to leverage its success and expand to Australia and New Zealand in the next few months, as well as to three additional cities in India. “As new threats evolve and the security environment shifts, we’ll look to Trend Micro to help us provide the best defense for our customers,” said Gyan.

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