Budget Overrun Forecast

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Risk level: Medium (not acceptable risk)
Rule ID: Budgets-003

Send alerts when your month-to-date Amazon Web Services expenditure is forecasted to exceed the custom threshold set. The monthly budget threshold can be defined for AWS services, tags or any combination of them, within the Cloud Conformity rule settings.

This rule can help you work with the AWS Well-Architected Framework

This rule resolution is part of the Cloud Conformity Cost Management tool for AWS


Note: This rule is no longer available as part of the Essentials or Advanced subscriptions.


Verifying your AWS expenses against a custom defined budget target will help you identify resource usage patterns that may require corrective actions.

Regular monitoring of AWS expenditure is essential. With the Budget Alerts feature you keep your AWS spending in line so that you (or your organization) can reach the desired savings goals.

Cloud Conformity engine compares month-to-date AWS costs with your custom defined budgets and send alert notifications when these are forecasted to be exceeded. To enable Budget Alerts you must provide access to the S3 bucket containing your AWS Cost Allocation billing reports, which are essentially the monthly reports with your cost allocation tag sets included, i.e. CSV files that contain data about your AWS resources usage, filtered by the hour/day/month, by product and product resource, by each account within your organization or by tags that you create.

Once the billing data is analyzed by Cloud Conformity rules engine and your budgets are defined within Budget Settings page. We will create a Billing and Cost Management dashboard for you within the Cloud Conformity account. This provides reporting, analytics, bill visualization, forecasting and other useful features so you can gain a lot of insight into your AWS account spending patterns and get all the necessary details about the opportunities that can be taken to optimise your AWS monthly costs. You can define a custom budget for the following categories:

  • - Total Spent - implemented at the AWS account and Consolidated Billing account level.
  • - AWS Services - e.g. EC2, RDS, S3, Route53, etc.
  • - Sub-services - e.g. ELB, Amazon Glacier Total Cost, Amazon Glacier Restore Cost, etc.
  • - Tags - e.g. "Owner": "John", "Role": "Operations", "Environment": "Production".
  • - Aggregation of Tags - e.g. "Environment": "Development" and "Owner": "James".
  • - Combination of AWS Services, AWS Accounts, Regions and Tags - e.g. EC2 Total Cost for US East (Ohio) and US West (N. California) AWS Regions.

The AWS budget customer-set threshold and the communication channels for notifications can be easily configured within your Cloud Conformity account. The list of supported communication channels that you can use to receive budget alerts are Email, Slack, JIRA, ServiceNow and Zendesk. You can also configure particular communication channels for different Risk Levels. Once the Budget Alerts feature is configured, you should get email notifications if the month-to-date total cost of the EC2 service for your AWS account (e.g. cc-account) is forecasted to exceed the threshold value set for your budget within the "Services" category (e.g. for cc-account.totalEC2Budget). Forecasted alerts are triggered based on the value entered and an even spend throughout the month eg if 60% of the budget has been spent and 50% of the month still remains then the rule will display as failed.


Publication date Jun 14, 2019

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Budget Overrun Forecast

Risk level: Medium